Eduardo "Teddy" Rivera is a fictional charact

er on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of the late mobster, Carlos Rivera and his late wife, Nurse Sabrina Santiago via one night stand.

He was born onscreen on January 28, 2016.

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Teddy was born onscreen January 28, 2016 to mobster, Carlos Rivera and Nurse Sabrina Santiago and was delivered by his father. Sabrina went into labor while on the run with Carlos. She gave birth naturally to a silent baby. It was later revealed that Sabrina had a healthy baby boy.

On April 25, Teddy is seen with his sort of great-aunt Inocencia in Puerto Rico. On May 17, a baby showed up on the Quartermaine's doorstep and Tracy finds him. She decides to call him Edward and tells Monica that she has no idea whose baby it is. Later on,

Tracy calls Dr. Hamilton Finn to make sure that Teddy was healthy and it turns that he is as Dr. Finn gave him a clean bill of health. Teddy ends up at the PCPD with a social worker and that it where it's confirmed that he is in fact Sabrina's son.

Later on, it is revealed that Tracy applied to be his foster mother and later that day Eduardo was brought to his new home.

Days later, he is reunited with his mother, who reveals that she named him Eduardo and nicknamed him Teddy, after Edward Quartermaine, which is ironic because Tracy started calling him Edward. After some arguing between Tracy and his mother, he is finally put in his mother's arms.

On June 8, Dillon took pictures of Teddy in Lila's garden. Later on, his mother shows up and announces that her legal troubles have been resolved and she wants to take her son. After hearing that, Tracy gives custody back to Sabrina and offers to let her and her son stay at the mansion and she accepts.

Teddy becomes an orphan after both of his parents were tragically murdered in 2016. He goes into the care of his paternal uncle, Joe Rivera and leaves Port Charles with him.

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  • One of the few characters whose first language isn't English. Teddy's first language is Spanish

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