Spike Lavery is a graduate from Port Charles High School and was the lead guitarist in the band The Young and Reckless and one of it's original members. All his life he had to live up to his tough name so he had sort of a skater style and learned to play the guitar at age ten. He moved to Port Charles when he was in eighth grade and met and befriened Madi Morgan. The two later started a band their freshman year, The Young and Reckless. Spike is shown to be compassionate and caring and will do what it takes to protect the ones he loves, even take a bullet for them like in the Season 1 finale when he took one for Madi. Spike was closest to Madi and helped her through the hardest time in her life after she was raped by Drake and started cutting herself to deal with the pain. Spike and Madi then ended up dating for the rest of high school but broke up after graduating due to her getting the band signed with Arcadia Records after the Artista incident and Spike had already moved on with his life by going into engineering at Port Charles University. Spike is the son of Kendall Hart and Ryan Lavery, brother of Emma Lavery, Ian Slater, Will Lavery, Mason Lavery and Yasmin Castillo. He is the grandson of Erica Kane and is portrayed by actor Keegan Allen.

Early Life

Spike Lavery is conceived in September 2005. During this time, Ryan is thought to be dead. Spike is supposed to be the child of Ryan and his then-wife, Greenlee Smythe. Greenlee had previously been pregnant, but is told that she can't carry a child to term following her miscarriage. Kendall wants to help her best friend, so she to offer to carry the child. But the night before Kendall is to be inseminated, there is a blackout in Pine Valley. It is later revealed that the blackout was caused by Zach Slater. Kendall goes to the doctor's office to make sure that everything is going to be okay for the next day. She learns that Greenlee's eggs can't be used and that Ryan's samples will not last long enough to contact Greenlee and get more. So Kendall and the doctor to use her own egg.

Kendall decides to keep this truth from Greenlee. Ryan soon returns to Pine Valley and briefly reconciles with Greenlee. Ryan learns of the child and Ryan, Greenlee, and Kendall soon learn that it is a boy. However, Greenlee soon discovers that the baby is Kendall's and not hers. Greenlee leaves town. Kendall and Ryan, at this time, are not sure that they want to even be parents. They eventually decide not to terminate the pregnancy.

As the months go on, Kendall's doctor pushes Kendall to give the boy up for adoption. Kendall is all set to do this, but Ryan is determined to raise the child on his own if need be. Kendall decides to leave town to have her baby. Kendall's then ex-husband, Zach, tracks Kendall down. Zach and Kendall make up and are married again. Kendall decides what she wants to name her son, naming him Spike. Kendall and Zach return to Pine Valley, but Kendall is in an accident caused by JR Chandler. Kendall goes into a coma. It is too soon for Spike to be born. Zach does everything he can to keep the doctors from taking the baby. Spike Lavery is born on May 31, 2006 by c-section.

Zach and Kendall have primary custody of Spike. When Spike is not with them, he is with Ryan and Emma. Some time later, when healthier and older, Spike is in a car accident involving Greenlee in which she had planned on kidnapping him when Kendall went into labor with Ian, which is at the time is thought to be the cause of his deafness. Greenlee feels intense guilt after this and had been the target of Kendall's revenge plot to set her up with "re-kidnapping" Spike. It is later revealed that Spike's hearing loss is the result of a chromosomal abnormality, not the car accident when Spike went to have Cochlear implant surgery

In The Series

Season 1

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Spike is seen playing guitar in between classes

Spike is first seen in 1.01 Pilot as he meets up with best friend Madi Morgan on the steps going into school. The two talk about their summers and their band before getting into school and meeting up with other band members Spencer Cassadine and Ian Slater, their bassist and drummer. the four talk about what the school year has to offer and hopefully it will be good. Spike is later seen with Madi voting for Leah.

1.03 On The Line, Spike is seen with Madi and brother Ian waiting for Spencer to catch up with them for band Rehearsal.

1.04 Sorry I Can't Be Perfect, Spike's character is more developed and his relationship with best friend Madi is more shown and the Spadi fandom starts. Madi calls Spike and tells him she isn't going to make it to rehearsal and Spike stops by her place to see her, while Jason tells him he can't see Madi and that she is in trouble Brooke tells him he can go see her. Spike then goes upstairs to see her and she talks to him about how she feels her dad is ashamed of the life she has chosen and Spike tries to assure her that isn't the truth. Madi says it is before she asks him to leave so she can get some rest. the next day at school Spike sees Madi working intently on writing something in a notebook. That night at band rehersal the band gets ready for Battle of the Bands and Madi shows them the new song she wrote. the next day at Battle of the Bands Spike backs up Madi on choosing their new song over Goin Down and rocks out on stage and is happy when he sees Madi and her dad talking after the show.

1.06 The Party Scene, Spike is seen at the party with Madi and Spencer when Madi notices Cameron getting Briana to drink to an excess and the three go over there and Spike and Spencer get Cameron to leave her alone while Madi calls Leah to get Briana out of there. When Leah arrives with Emma, Spike helps get Briana out of the house and to Leah's car.

1.12 Fire In My Eyes, Madi comes to Spike angry that Cameron
Keeganallen 1283741890

Spike gets caught beating up Cameron for the bet about Madi

Webber and Ryder Ford made a bet on who could get her in bed first, Spike gets angry too goes to find the three and they get in a fight over what the two did and he gets suspended

1.14 Falling Inside The Black, Spike starts to develop more then friend feelings for Madi and asks her to be his date to the dance but Madi assumes its as just friends. At the dance their band is set to play and when its time to go onstage, Spike's brother and the bands drummer Ian isn't there and the band has to go on stage without him, not knowing he is currently trying to kill Leah Corinthos.

1.16 In Real Life, the band is working on recording their new song Miss Nothing, and Spike has trouble being so close to Madi with his more then friend feelings he has for her. and to top that off, he has to deal with the fact that his brother Ian is in prison for trying to kill Leah.

1.17 Nothing Left To Lose, Spike is with Madi in the music room at the school listening to what they have recorded of their song Miss Nothing so they don't hear the gunshots go off. the two take off their headphones and talk for about thirty seconds before standing up to leave and Spike and Madi become face to face with Drake. Spike instantly steps in front of Madi to protect his best friend and crush and he refuses to move when Drake tells him to so Drake shoots him in the collarbone and Spike falls back. Madi goes to his side instinctively but Drake tells her to stay away from him or he'll shoot her. Drake then teases her about the way she dresses and how she advertises but never sells, making all the guys want her but never lets anyone have her. He then tells her to take her clothes off because one guy is going to have her. Spike tries to protest but Drake shoots at him again, this time missing on purpose and hitting the mixing table instead and told him that he should be minding his own business. With Spike unable to help her, Drake makes Madi take off her clothes and she is raped by him and Spike is forced to watch. Drake leaves when he is done leaving Madi there frozen. After a few minutes of Spike calling out her name, Madi finally snaps out of the trance and realizes what just happened and she starts crying and grabbing her clothes and quickly redressed herself. Spike tries to make his way over to her to see if he can do anything but Madi just tells him to stay away from her and she continues to cry. Spike then starts to sing a song written by her mother that always calms her down. after reciting it five times, Madi is able to calm down enough that she can try to hold in her sobs. Spike then assures her that Drake is going to go to jail for what he did to her and he will make sure of that. After Madi is able to calm down she goes over to Spike and puts her jacket on his wound and puts pressure on it but keeps her distant from him because of what just happened. after a little bit of silence, Madi tells Spike that she doesn't want to come forward with what just happened. Spike tries to argue with her on that but Madi says she has already done enough damage at home with her rebellious behavior and just wants to forget this ever happened. Before Spike can argue, SWAT comes in and gets the two out and Spike is rushed to the hospital.

Season 2

2.01 We Are Broken Spike is taken into surgery to fix the damage the bullet did.

2.02 The Worst Part Madi visits Spike in the hospital and tells him that she took the morning after pill but is scared she could still be pregnant after what Drake did to her. Spike assures her she should be okay since she took it within 24 hours, but if it doesn't work, he will be there for her with whatever choice she makes.

2.04 Cry For Help Spike is released from the hospital and Madi is there to see him discharged.

2.05 Disparity By Design back at school, Spike meets with Madi and Spencer and they discuss auditions for a new drummer since Ian is now in prison. They hand out flyers and after many bad auditions, Evan Salinger auditions and gets the spot.

2.07 Just Tonight After band rehearsal, Spike notices Madi seems jumpy. After taking Madi home, she confides in Spike that what happened to her is ruining her life. The next day after school she shows up at Spike's place while he is studying for a test. She then asks him something he never expected from her. She asks him to sleep with her to help her get over what Drake did. Spike has no idea what to say but eventually agrees knowing he can never say no to Madi.

Spike and Madi share their first kiss.

2.08 Somewhere I Belong Spike meets up with Madi at Kelly's to hang out.

2.09 I Believe In Butterflies Spike asks Madi to meet him at the Port Charles park. When Madi shows up Spike tells her he needs to talk to her about something important. He talks about what happened between them a few days ago. He tells her that he feels he took advantage of her and although Madi denies it saying she wanted to do it, Spike tells her he is in love with her. Because of how he feels, he took advantage of her when she was vulnerable. Madi then confesses that after what happened, she feels closer to him and loves him too. Spike is happy to hear this and asks her to officially be his girlfirned. Madi accepts.

2.10 Going Under The band practices a new song titled Just Tonight.


Spike is worried that Madi might of cut too deep,

2.11 Anywhere But Here Madi misses band practice and Spike shows up to figure out what's going on and finds her near unconscious bleeding from her wrist in the bathroom. She then says her iconic line "I don't know who i am anymore" when Spike asks her what she did. He wraps her wrist with a towel before driving to the hospital and calling his step-dad who meets them in the ER. Madi is stitched up. Spike explains that she was cleaning up a broken mirror when one of the pieces slipped and cut her. Griffin doesn't believe him and tells Spike that she needs help, whatever they are keeping from him needs to come out and her parents need to know. Spike agrees and is told that if she isn't seeing a therapist by the end of the week, he is going to tell her parents that she was brought into the ER bleeding from a self-inflicted wound. When Madi wakes up, Spike tells her she needs to tell people what happened.

2.12 Going Through Changes Madi tells Spike she is gonna tell her parents, he offers to be there but Madi says she needs to do this without him, he has already done enough when it comes to dealing with her issues.

2.17 Believe In Me the band perform their new song Just Tonight at the talent show that Madi penned somewhat based off of them and what happened. The band loses to Trinity Corinthos and Max Falconeri.

2.20 Day of Reckoning Spike attends the graduation ceremony with Madi to support Spencer and later goes to the party with them and is seen int he crowd in shock that Tyler was killed.

Season 3

3.03 You're Not Sorry Spike is with Madi at lunch when his phone beeps, he doesn't recognize the number but Madi does as it being her cousin Fiona's. She opens it and sees its a picture of Fiona scantly clad. Spike is confused on why he has it and then notices every guy that Fiona isn't related to got the same picture. He deletes it and hopes that is that.

3.06 The Sound Of Madness Fiona gets more pictures from Fiona that he deletes. He is hoping if he ignores the situation, it will go away but Madi is still angry he keeps getting them. He later sees Madi fight Fiona and pulls her off of her.

3.10 Fall To Pieces Spike is seen with Madi discussing the band.

3.11 Keep Holding On Spike is wondering if Madi being distant has to do with what Fiona is doing.

3.13 Come One, Come All Spike and the rest of the band are looking for a new drummer since Evan switched to base to take Spencer's spot

3.15 The Story of Us Spike asks Madi to go on a date since recently they haven't done much. She agrees set up a date.

When Madi fails to show up for their date, Spike goes to her place only to find them being held hostage.

3.16 Running From Lions Madi is a no-show to the movie night Spike planned and she isn't answering her phone so Spike goes over to her place. After knocking on the door and calling out, he hears some crashing inside and before he knows it, the door opens and he is shot in the collar bone as three attackers flee. 3.17 Spit You Out Spike is able to pull out his phone and call 911 before calling out to see if Madi is okay, he only hears Ali call back saying that she doesn't know if their okay since she can't move but can see them bleeding a lot. When the ambulance arrives, Spike is taken to the hospital with Madi, Ali and Brooke. They are taken into emergancy surgery while he is taken to an exam to see how badly he is injured. Spike is told that they are all in surgery. After having surgery to remove the bullet from his collarbone, Jason and Lucky question him on what the men looked like. Spike does the best he can do remember but he didn't get a good look. They shot him and fled. Griffin later tells him that they are out of surgery and Ali and Brooke will most likely make it while Madi is going to be in critical for a while longer.
Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh on Pretty Little Liars S02E17 3

Spike recovers in the hospital after being shot.

3.18 World Around Me Spike is informed that Madi is in a medically induced coma but both Brooke and Ali have woken up. Spike is later visited by Mason and Evan.

3.19 In Fate's Hands Spike continues to recover and worry about Madi since she is still in a coma. He is in his room when he hears a commotion about her flatlining.

Season 4

4.01 Awake and Alive Spike is informed that Madi is okay and they were able to revive her and she is stable. Spike is now able to leave his hospital room and sits by her bedside.

4.03 The Approaching Curve Madi wakes up and Spike explains to her what happened and how he found them. Madi thanks him and Brooke comes in asking for some privacy. Spike goes back to his room where his mother is and the two talk about what happened.

4.05 Work It Out Spike meets up with Madi at school.

4.06 The Webs We Weave Spike is hanging out with Madi again now that she is back in school and things finally seem to be returning to normal after the Fiona drama. A few days later, Fiona comes up to him at school to talk. She says it's a shame about what happened to Madi, Ali and Brooke and how he is a hero for what he did. Spike lets her know that he isn't a hero and all he did was show up and get shot. When Madi is finally in view, Fiona kisses him. Spike pushes her away and tells her he is tired of this shit. He continues to try to get Madi to talk to him but she refuses.

4.07 Here I Stand Spike sends Madi flowers in hopes she will talk to him but it doesn't work. When Fiona tries to talk to him, Spike tells her if she doesn't want Madi to go crazy, she better back off.

4.11 Hit The Floor Spike shows up after Madi gives a speech to girls who had been sexually assaulted and waits for her outside with flowers. Spike explains Fiona set him up. Madi finally accepts this and Spike takes her home, but before he does they go to the park and stargaze.

4.14 Miserable At Best Spike is seen with Madi, Mason and Evan at school and later talks to Madi about the new Green Day album. As he is leaving school alone, Fiona starts talking to him again. Spike has no idea how to get rid of her, he has blocked her number and told her multiple times to leave him alone. Her dad is a cop, she should be familiar with stalking. Fiona lets him know that she knows Madi was raped by Drake and if he wants that to be kept a secret he better dump her.

4.17 Please Come and Take Me Away Spike doesn't want anyone to know what happened to Madi, knowing it took a while for her to get over and it could dig up old wounds. He texts Madi to meet him at Kelly's knowing she won't make a scene in public. When she gets there Spike tells her that it isn't working out and he wants a clean break from both her and their band. Madi is confused but Spike doesn't say anything else before leaving and texting Fiona that it's been done and to leave Madi alone.

Season 5


Spike tells Fiona he is tired of her games.

5.03 Your Love Was a Lie Spike is out with Fiona and is very upset with what Fiona did. He sees Madi who then leaves and Spike tells Fiona he is tired of her games but Fiona reminds him that she knows Madi's secrets and is not afraid to tell.

5.09 All I Need To Be Spike talks to Fiona at the park and lets her know he is tired of this and asks why she is so obsessed with him and Fiona is very vague in her explanation. Spike is later told by Mason that Madi just got back into the country. He goes to her place that night and climbs the fire esacpe, ready to explain everything after being extremely tired of Fiona's games. he knocks on her window and she lets him in but is extremely confused. Spike explains he has been trying to call her but just heard from Mason earlier in the day that day that she was out of the country and finally got back in today. Madi wants him to leave but Spike tells her he needs to explain himself. He finally tells her that the reason he broke up with her is because Fiona is blackmailing them with Madi's rape and he is trying to protect her. Madi is furious and tells him that she doesn't need to be protected. He needs to treat her as his equal and not a damsel in distress, she would rather have everyone know then have Spike play her savior by hurting her. Madi then makes Spike leave and tells him to not talk to her again, he wanted a clean break so that's what he's getting.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Spike goes to Gabbi's party with Fiona. He is annoyed by her antics. When Madi gets everyone's attention and confesses to being raped by Drake on the day of the shooting. Spike tells Fiona they are through and tries to follow Madi out of the party but loses her in the crowd.

5.13 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet Spike tries to call Madi but she wont answer his calls or his texts. He sees her at Kelly's getting coffee and asks her why she has been avoiding his calls and she tells him that she owes him nothing. Spike tells her Fiona is out of the picture now and Madi refuses to her him out saying that he made descions for her and without talking to her. They are over.

5.17 Let Me Make It Up To You Spike sends Madi flowers trying to talk to her but Madi continues to ignore him. Spike stops by and Brooke answers the door saying that Madi instructed her to tell him that Madi "changed her name, dyed her hair and moved to Switzerland to dance in the Alps."

Season 6

6.02 Chalk Outline Spike is out and about when he runs into Madi and Ali. Ali gives them space so they can talk. Spike asks Madi how she's been and Madi responds by saying that they aren't playing that game. She lets him know she is still made at him and tells him to stop calling her.

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6.05 Story of My Life Spike is at his house in his room when he hears knocking on his window. He puts the guitar down and opens it to see Madi. Madi asks if she can come in, Spike lets her in and Madi explains she needs a place to stay because her dad kicked her mom and sister out and she can't stay there. Spike tells her of course and that she is always welcome there. Madi lets him know she is still mad at him and it was either crash here or a park bench and the park bench was tempting.

6.07 It's Complicated Madi realizes that her father hasn't noticed her missing so the pair skip school and spend the day watching Netflix. Spike still misses Madi and starts bringing up old memories. Madi asks him to stop. Spike finally asks Madi what's going on and Madi tells him everything that has recently happened from Ali being pregnant and planning on termination and Madi helping to Jason kicking both Brooke and Ali out. Spike is shocked to hear this but tells Madi she can stay as long as she needs.

6.09 Cross The Line Jason shows up to Spike's place looking for Madi. Spike has Madi hide under his bed as Kendall and Griffin tell him that Madi isn't there. Spike even explains to Jason that since they broke up, Madi hasn't called or answered his texts and tells him she has been a loner lately but he might have more luck checking with Evan or Mason. When Jason leaves Spike goes back to his room Madi thanks him for covering for her.

6.11 Now or Never While Spike and Madi are at school, Kendall goes through Spike's room to get his laundry when she finds a pair of Madi's shoes. She calls Jason and he is there when Madi and Spike get home from school. Jason is furious that Madi is there but she tells him not to lecture her when he has done a terrible job being a father. Kendall tries to defuse the situation and Madi apologizes to Kendall for staying there without her knowledge and asks Spike if he can drive her to Johnny and Lulu's. Spike agrees and drives her over there before returning home and explaining the situation to Kendall. He wasn't going to turn her away when she needed someone. She tells him that if she needs to stay again, let her know so she can set Madi up in Yasmin's room with her. She understands that he is just trying to be there for a friend.

6.13 Remember When Madi shows up at Spike's place again, this time through the front door. She asks him if she can stay for a little bit, not the night but tells him she can't be around her mom right now. Spike lets her stay and they end up reconnecting by playing some of their bands old songs. Spike plays her a new song he wrote, titled "You." The two end up sleeping together before discussing their relationship and deciding to get back together.

6.16 Heart on the Floor Madi mentions to Spike at school that her mom sent her dad divorce papers.

Season 7

7.05 Don't Let Me Down Madi talks to Spike, Evan and Mason about adding a rhythm guitarist to the band to add more layers and so with the songs that have it she can focus on stage presence and not guitar. Spike agrees along with Evan and Mason. He helps Madi with the flyers. He shows up at their practive space ready for auditions and sits with Madi, Evan and Mason. As a guitarist, he is extra picky on who to choose, but is impressed with Zack Giambetti auditioning with Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and agrees that he is exactly what they are looking for.

7.11 Loyalty At It's Best Madi shows up at Spike's place obviously upset, Spike lets her in and she explains that she talked to her dad again and how he was angry he was that she didn't apply to college and explains the current situation with Ali. Spike does his best to be there for her.

7.12 Thanks For The Memories After band practice, Madi explains about the gig she auditioned them and where, which includes two grand a show for two months and free room and board. Spike is excited to hear it and hopes they can get it.

7.18 The Good Left Undone Spike graduates high school with the rest of the senior class.

7.19 All I Want Is Everything Spike goes to band rehearsal and is happy with the progress they have made with Zack joining.

Season 8

8.01 Prayer For The Refugee Spike is confronted by Yasmin and asks him what is going on with Ian. Spike sees that Yasmin isn't a child anymore and deserves the truth. He tells her that he tried to murder Leah Corinthos and Emma Drake and sees what he did as beyond forgiving. How would she feel about the guy who tried to murder her family is set free after parole for good behavior. He also tells her he doesn't believe he took the meds he was prescribed in prison or stopped taking them upon release. As Spike talks to Yasmin, his phone rings but he silences it. He then explains a conversation he had with Kendall and turns out Jenny had Ian's baby and gave her up for adoption in Pine Valley and Ian wants custody. Yasmin asks him if he can do that but him being out after assualt charges that originally started as attempted murder might not make him a fit father, but he is unfamiliar with adoption laws. Yasmin is in shock at what he is doing but Spike tells her not to worry, it won't effect her but Yasmin asks how he can be so distant with Ian since he is his brother and Spike explains that what Ian did was unforgivable.

8.05 Somewhere I Belong Spike is loading up the van with Madi and preparing to head to Canada. Madi goes through the paperwork when Rory and Evan arrive and give her theirs. Madi asks Rory if Ember is able to come and Rory tells her that her mom wouldn't let her come. Spike notices Gabbi is there and she asks him if she can talk to Madi. Spike tells Madi and the pair leave to get coffee. Upon Madi's return, Spike asks what it was about but Madi tells him it was personal. The group prepares to depart when Ember shows up saying that her mom changed her mind. She gets her stuff in the van and the group departs.

8.06 How To Save A Life The band arrives at the hotel they will be staying at and decide that he and Madi will take the master suite because they are the oldest, Evan, Rory, Mason and Ember will take the other room and Zack will sleep on the pull out couch. He and Madi leave to get a feel for the town and when they return, they find Madison there yelling at Ember. Madi is able to defuse the situation and get Madison to let Ember stay with them.

8.07 Something New The group go out to get a feel for the area they are staying in. It is pretty much an enclosed tourist area with no roads and basic shops, souvenirs and restaurants. Madi and Rory go grocery shopping while the rest of the group heads to Starbucks where they end up meeting the other band that is playing over the summer, Yesterday's Tomorrow consisting of frontwomen Sabrina Spretiler, guitarist Sam Jensen, bassist JJ James and drummer Randy Martinez. Madi and Rory later rejoin the group.

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy the band gets ready to play their first
Tumblr m69x9qH0XD1qcu8mto3 1280

Spike plays Y&R song "You" during their set.

show and finalize their set list which includes Miss Nothing, Make Me Wanna Die, Since You're Gone, Just Tonight, Zombie and You. They agree to change the lyrics in Miss Nothing from "miss cunt-strewed" to "miss confused" since it is a family area. The first show goes great.

8.11 Let It Go Spike is with Madi when she gets a phone call from her sister saying that their parents are back together and have officially moved back into the penthouse.

8.12 You and Me, Can't You See he and Madi the day together, they get breakfast out at a restaurant before going on a gondola up Mt. Blackcomb, catching a connecting one to Mt. Whistler and heading back down. They catch a movie before heading back to the hotel.

8.14 Because Of You While Sabrina Spreitler of Yesterday's Tomorrow takes an interest in Evan, Spike thinks about how long he and Madi have been together and wonder what the next step of their relationship should be. Mason can tell something is off and asks Spike who just tells him he didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. He then calls up both step-dad Griffin and birth father Ryan while trying to figure out what's going on in his head.

8.15 Call Me When You're Sober Spike tells Evan he has no idea what to do in his situation, other than assure Rory he cares about her and no one else.

8.16 That's What You Get The band prepare to play their last show and leave the following day when Zack gets a call from his sister saying he needs to come home. Zack apologizes and tells them he has to go. Madi agrees to take over rhythm guitar and that family comes first.

8.18 World Of Chances The band plays their lost show and rock it. After they start packing up their equipment, they are approached by a man named Dom Moreno who works for Phantom Records in New York City. He was there on vacation but sees talent in them and wants to talk to them tomorrow before he leaves about a possible contract.

Season 9

9.01 Tragic Endings and Blissful Beginnings The next day, Madi, Spike, Mason and Evan sit down at a restaurant to talk with Dom Moreno. Dom talks about how he feels rock is a dying genre and he wants to bring it back. All everyone hears about is Miley Cyrus and Lil' Wayne. He wants rock back on the radio. Madi tells him what he is saying is too good to be true. Dom explains that the sound the Young and Reckless have has the possibility to play mainstream radio and hard rock stations. He wants to talk to them back in New York and possibly sign a recording contract with them. Spike speaks up about what his favorite thing about their act was, trying to see what he really thought. Dom explains that he liked the dark lyrics that are relatable to most of today's youth, Madi's stage presence while also playing the guitar and a tough frontwoman. Mason asks what his favorite song was and why, also seeing that this is too good to be true. Dom says he likes Zombie and Miss Nothing the best but feels Make Me Wanna Die could be a great hit single. Madi asks him if they can talk for a second. Dom agrees and gets up to give them space. Madi asks for their opinions. Spike tells her this guy seems legit and he googled him last night, he is who he says he is and Phantom Records is a good label, they should talk to him and go over a contract because this could be it. Both Mason and Evan agree. Dom comes back over and Madi informs him they have another member who had to leave for a family emergency but with him, they would like to meet with him in his New York office officially and discuss this further. Dom is happy to hear it and gives Madi his card with his secretary's number on it and tells her to call when the group gets back into the states.

9.03 I've Become So Numb Madi, Spike, Zack, Mason and Evan go to NYC to meet Dom at Phantom Records. A lawyer Diane recommended comes with. Dom presents them with a contract and the lawyer reads it over and explains to the group what it is offering. The group agree that this is what they want and sign it and agree to meet Dom the next day to get a feel for what they are going to do. Madi and Spike then discuss moving New York City to record and agree they should. Zack explains he talked to his dad the night before and can attend school Monday and Friday to get assignments and be in NYC to record the other days. Mason agrees with Zack's idea since he is still in school also. Evan tells them that he will move later on, but Rory is still dealing with her sisters death and needs him.

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Spike and Madi move into an apartment in Brooklyn near the recording studio they will be working at. Ember texts Madi how Grace's funeral went and she still worries about how Rory is doing. Spike is somewhat quiet after they get settled in and Madi asks him if everything is okay. Spike assures her he is good, just nervous for the next step in their lives. In reality, he is wondering what the next step in his relationship with Madi is.

9.06 Savior The band arrives at the studio for their first day of recording and decide on the tracklist for their album, Make Me Wanna Die, Since You're Gone, Miss Nothing, All I Wanted, Perfect, Zombie, You, Just Tonight and Light Me Up. Dom says he wants to record Make Me Wanna Die first so they can push that for a single and see the reception before they work on anything else. The band agrees and Mason starts recording the drum parts.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Spike attends the Rise Against charity concert in honor of Grace

9.11 Things Will Never Be The Same the band is told that Make Me Wanna Die is mixed and ready to listen to. The group sit down and listen and are shocked when they hear it. There is a drum machine instead of Mason (very confusing since he was even in the studio tracking drums for it), Madi's voice is somewhat autotuned and there are electronic elements. When it ends, he gives them time to discuss the final product. They are all furious at what the just listened to and Madi tries to wrap her head around what happened. Spike is the first to speak saying he refuses to have his name connected to that. Mason, Evan and Zack agree. Madi is still speechless and has no idea what to think and says maybe they should talk to Dom again about this. Spike is furious Madi is even thinking about it and tells her that if this is what they've come to, he quits. He heads back to his and Madi's place and packs up most of his personal belongings before leaving to go home.

9.13 New Perspective After spending a night at a motel and thinking
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Spike returns to Port Charles

about everything, Spike returns home to Port Charles. Kendall and Griffin are shocked to see him return and he sits down with them and explained what happened with the label screwing them over. Kendall asks what Madi and the rest of the guys are doing and Spike explains he doesn't know. If Madi was going to accept what they did to their art, he wasn't going to have anything to do with it. He is done with music and will now just play guitar for fun. Kendall recommends that he start at PCU in winter quarter and Spike agrees it's a good idea. He needs to focus on his future and that is no longer music or the band.

9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Spike gets a call from Madi to meet with her and the rest of the guys. The group meets up and Madi tells them that she knows they are extremely disappointed with everything that happened and she understands, but she just talked to tell them that Damon Richards of Lava is interested and wants to give them the resources to produce an album their way and record it with their vision and she want to discuss it and give it a chance. Mason, Evan and Zack are ecstatic and agree they need to try. Spike tells Madi he isn't interested. Madi is confused on what Spike is talking about. Spike explains that music was a great hobby and he had fun playing and writing with her, but music isn't his dream, he realizes that now. Madi tries to convince him to give it a try, they will be able to produce the album they want, but Spike tells her that he is done with the Young and Reckless. He wants to go to school instead and get a degree. Madi asks him where that is coming from and Spike tells her it's coming from what he has always wanted to do, and she should know that if she really cared. This leads to an even bigger argument where Spike not only quits the band, but tells Madi that their relationship is over as well.

Season 10

10.01 Burned at Both Ends Spike is at home when Kendall gets a call saying Yasmin was in a car accident. Spike goes to the hospital with his mother where they meet Griffin. They are informed Yasmin was in a car accident which killed Kaylee and Amaya. They are also informed that she sustained a pretty bad spinal injury and may not be able to walk again. Spike is in shock along with Kendall and Griffin.

10.03 We Fall Apart Spike attends Amaya's funeral to support Yasmin.

10.07 Let Love Bleed Red Spike attends his first day at PCU. He sees Briana Corinthos is in his engineering class and she is shocked to see him. Spike explains that he quit the band and he and Madi broke up. When Briana says she is sorry that happened, Spike tells her he is happy where his life is going.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Spike cleans out the last of Madi's stuff he has and decides he doesn't want to band recording any songs he wrote so he writes up a warning that he will take legal action if they do. He then gives Ali Morgan the box and tells her Madi needs to read what's in the envelope soon.

10.10 Open Your Eyes Spike is assigned an engineering project and he partners up with Briana for it. The pair work on it in the student union building. He notices she is staring at something and sees that Noah is talking to some strawberry blonde he hasn't seen before.

10.13 Hard To Find Spike returns home from class to see Madi and Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides in his living room. Madi asks if they can talk and the pair go into the kitchen. Madi tells him that she needs the rights to the songs. Spike tells her they are his too. Madi then asks where everything is coming from, leaving the band, the breakup, everything. Spike tells her that he has been thinking about their future a lot and he didn't know what he wanted. When the band got dropped, he realized he never wanted to be a professional musician. He wanted it because of her. The pair continues to talk and Spike tells her they can record all of them, except You. That song was too personal. Madi agrees and thanks Spike for everything. The pair says their final goodbyes and Madi leaves with Andy.

10.20 No News is Good News Spike and Briana turn in their project. In the hallway, Briana asks him if the Raw. Real. post upset Madi. Spike explains he is at peace with his and Madi's break up. They were able to talk about it when she came to talk to him about song rights. He also thinks Andy has a thing for her. Briana asks how he is able to let Madi go after being together so long. Spike tells her he will always love Madi. She was a huge part of his life and his first love, but she wants a life he can't give her. He never thought their band would get big but always supported her dreams of being a rock star, she can have that now and he can lead an ordinary life.

Season 11

11.10 Stand Amid The Roar Spike shows up at The Young and Reckless' album drop party. He is greeted by Evan, Mason and Zack and congratulates them on the album. He then goes and talks to Madi, noticing she was talking to Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and what looks like Matt Good of D.R.U.G.S. He congratulates her on her dreams coming true and tells her he is happy for her. Madi thanks him.

11.12 Revenge & Its Thrills Spike goes for a walk in the park and sees Briana sitting on a bench and sits next to her. Spike asks how she is doing and Briana replies sarcastically that everything is great. Spike tells her he heard what happened and Briana gets upset, Spike tells her that it was from Noah when he was asking how she was doing. Briana is confused and Spike tells her that Noah assumes they hang out more since they were partners for the engineering project. Spike then tells her that if she needs to talk, he is there to listen. He did just get out of a long term relationship. Briana comments that he and Madi broke up, she didn't cheat on him. Spike apologizes and tells her if she wants to talk, just let him know. Briana thanks him before leaving.

Season 12

12.04 Life Goes On Spike is walking towards Kelly's when he sees Emma and Briana arguing. He asks if everything is okay, Briana tells him everything is peachy fine before walking off toward the park. He then looks to Emma who repeats what Briana said and walks off in the opposite direction. He then goes after Briana and asks her what's going on and Briana tells him she's pregnant and has no idea what to do, especially in her situation with Noah.

12.09 Patchwork Love Spike meets Briana at the Port Charles Park. Briana tells him that she fears coming forward with her pregnancy to her parents and Noah because she knows it will change a lot. Her parents are still trying to work out what happened with them and she doesn't want to deal with all the stress of Noah knowing and then him trying to use this as an excuse to get back together and she can't handle that. The stress will not be good, she already feels like a hormonal mess and this would just add more stress she doesn't need. Spike asks her if she can be a single mom, and Briana tells him she's not sure but has experience with her little sister since she was born but doesn't want to rely on her parents for everything but since she is still a student with no job, she will need some help and may be a terrible mother. Spike tells her that she has parents and friends who will help her out, she won't be a terrible mom. Before Briana can respond, the pair is interrupted by a shocked Noah asking Briana if she's pregnant, obviously overhearing the last part of the conversation. Briana is a deer in headlights and Noah repeats himself, asking if she is pregnant. Spike thinks fast, confirming that Briana is pregnant, but he is the father before putting his arm around Briana and leaving the area and Noah there shocked.

12.19 The Divine Zero Spike goes with Briana to her doctors appointment at Planned Parenthood. Briana finds out she is having a boy. She is now obviously pregnant. Briana tells Spike she has to tell Noah the truth and that she made a deal with Emma. Spike tells her that nothing changes, he still cares about her and she is a friend and he will be there if needed.

Season 13

13.06 If it Means A Lot To You

13.08 In a Place of Solace

13.12 Thank You For The Venom

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle



"You're dad's a cop, you should be familiar stalking charges."


Madi Morgan
  • First Attempt
    • Start Up: 2.09 I Believe In Butterflies
    • Break Up: 4.07 Please Come and Take Me Away
      • Reason: Spike was being blackmailed by Fiona about Madi's rape
  • Second Attempt
    • Start Up: 6.13 Remember When
    • Break Up: 9.17 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
      • Reason: Madi wanted the band more. 

Fiona Spencer

  • Start Up: 4.17 Please Come and Take Me Away
  • Breakup: 5.12 The Day That Saved Us
    • Reason: Spike was done with her games