Rory is a junior at Port Charles High School. at first, Rory

was very withdrawn considering she moved in mid year from Detroit. Rory has more of a skater style when it comes to clothes and was first considered a loner until she met friends Mason and Ember. Rory at first is seen to be unhappy because of the move but later lightens up and becomes happy in Port Charles and ready to call it home. Rory is witty and very sarcastic. when it comes to the ones she loves, she will fight to the death to protect them. before her older sister Grace came out, Rory already knew she was gay and was totally fine with it and was supportive of her sister through everything she went through with it, including her homophobic mother who keeps thinking that Grace being a lesbian was a phase and rejected her until it resulted in her suicide. Rory is currently living with her aunt Chloe because she can't stand her mother for what she did to Grace and mad at her father for not sticking up for her every time Lainey was mean and rejected her own daughter. She is best friends with Mason Lavery, and Ember North and good friends with Spike Lavery, Madi Morgan and Zack Giambetti. she is the girlfriend of Evan Salinger. The younger sister of Grace Baker and the daughter of Lainey and Calvin Baker. she is the niece of Chloe Mathers Corinthos and adoptive granddaughter of Marshall Mathers. Cousin of Trinity, Briana, Leah and Violet Corinthos.

Early Life

Rory was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended public school there until her parents decided to move to Port Charles, New York.

Character History

Season 4

4.04 The Answer To Everything Rory makes her first appearance at dinner at Michael and Chloe's house with cousins Briana and Trinity. She is later seen at school alone.

4.08 Here I Stand Rory talks to sister Grace and lets her know that she knows Grace is gay and wants her to know that she will always be her sister, no matter what their parents say. Grace is thankful that Rory kept her secret.

4.10 Hush Rory meets
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Rory at school.

Ember North at school along with Mason Lavery and finally makes some friends. Rory is oblivious to Mason's possible crush on her.

4.13 Eyes On You Rory confides in Ember that she has a thing for Evan Salinger, always having a crush on the bassists. Rory is later confused when Ember randomly walks up to Evan and kisses him, causing Josslyn to slap her. She later realizes it's because Ember has a thing for Mason who possibly likes her.

4.15 Don't Walk The Other Way Rory explains to Ember that she doesn't like Mason like that and just wants to have friends here and that the move from Detroit was pretty hard. Ember blows her off and Rory later goes to Kelly's alone to think and ends up talking to Evan who Josslyn just broke up with.

Season 5

5.04 No More Sorrow Rory is at home when Evan calls her and asks her if she wants to go bowling. Rory agrees and the two spend the day together, first going bowling and then Kelly's afterwards. Rory is happy to get out of the house and have a friend since Ember still won't talk to her.

5.05 Not Enough Rory and Evan are at Kelly's again spending more time together when new girl Courtney Hunter comes in and introduces herself randomly saying she is new in town and they look like they will be attending school with her due to their age. Evan introduces both him and Rory to Courtney who then sits down with them. Evan and Courtney end up talking a lot and Rory makes an excuse that she needs to be home at a certain time.


Rory watches as Lainey kicks Grace out.

5.06 Everybody Hurts Grace calls a family meeting much to Rory's confusion. Rory sits down with her parents. Grace takes a few minutes but finally tells her parents that she's gay. Both her parents (Calvin and Lainey) are shocked. Her dad is the first to break the silence and ask if Grace is sure, Grace insists she is sure and has known for a long time. Lainey finally speaks up and goes on a homophobic rant shocking both Grace and Rory. Rory tries to say something but Lainey tells her to stay out of this, Lainey then tells Grace she isn't welcome at home anymore, Rory once again tries to say something but Lainey tells her she is next if she doesn't shut up. Rory then stays quiet and watches as her mother forces Grace to pack and leave the house.

5.09 All I Need To Be Rory auditions for the musical hoping for something to keep her mind off of everything. She gets the role of the witch that curses the prince.

5.10 Weight Of The World On My Shoulders Rory is seen at rehearsal for the musical and trying to avoid how close Evan and Courtney are getting.

5.11 I Don't Want To Fade Away After seeing Evan with Courtney again, Rory goes to Ember's house to talk. Rory asks for Ember's forgiveness in whatever it was that she did. Ember and Mason were extremely nice to her when she moved and she has dealt with a lot of shit over the summer and the one friend she had ditched her when he got a girlfriend. Ember tells Rory she and Mason are dating now and Rory tells her that's great. Ember tells her she needs to think about it and has Rory leave. Rory leaves furious and breaks down when she gets home after overhearing her parents arguing over Grace.

5.12 The Day That Saved Us Grace is able to come home and Rory is ecstatic and asks how she is doing. Grace lets her know she will be okay and just needs time to adjust.

5.17 Let Me Make It Up To You Rory goes to Kelly's alone just wanting to get out of the house because despite Grace being home, her parents are still arguing. Ember and Mason walk in and Rory gives a weak smile before they leave. She later heads home and just wants space. Ember shows up and wants to talk to Rory and Rory lets her in. Ember apologizes for everything and explains that she has always been insecure due to her step-sisters. The two then repair their friendship.

5.18 Broken Mirrors Rory appears in the musical.

Season 6

6.02 Chalk Outline Rory and Ember go to Kelly's to get some coffee and talk. Upon leaving Evan asks if he can talk to her. Rory is confused but says sure and Ember tells her she will talk to her later. Evan then asks why she is hanging out with Ember after Ember kicked her to the curb after she found out that Mason may have liked her. Rory tells him not to worry about it, she has her friend back and she is happy. Evan asks her if she is sure she wants to take that risk. Rory tells him to back off and that he ditched her when he got a girlfriend so he has no say in what she does or who she talks to, she then leaves and heads home, leaving him there confused.

6.04 Should've When You Could've Rory attends her family's dinner and meets Grace's girlfriend Savannah. Rory is nice and supports Grace. The
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Rory tries to deal with homophobic mother Lainey.

next day Rory wakes up and Grace is gone. She asks Lainey where she went and she explains that she thought she could handle Grace's lifestyle but she can't, so Grace is no longer living there. Rory is furious that her mother kicked Grace out but doesn't say anything, fearing what Lainey could do to her.

6.09 Cross The Line Rory comes home to find her mom angry, she asks what's going on and tells her to blame her sister. Rory is not happy with that answer and calmly tells her that Grace didn't do anything. She is just trying to figure out her life and doesn't need this shit.

6.12 This Is My Last Goodbye Evan talks to Rory after school. He asks

Rory's freaks out after she kisses Evan

her again, why she is being distant. Rory tells him he is the one being distant. Evan apologizes for spending more time with Courtney, but they are still friends and he is still confused on why Rory went back to Ember after Ember ditched her. Rory explains that Ember is insecure and they dealt with their problems. The two argue some more and Rory finally has enough and lets Evan know how she feels by kissing him. Afterwards, Rory freaks out and runs off, afraid of his reaction. She heads straight home and calls Ember who is surprised Rory did something that bold. She tells Rory not to worry about it but Rory is afraid she lost Evan's friendship.

6.14 Got Me Going Crazy Rory fears talking to Evan and hangs out with Ember. Ember tells her not to worry and if Evan doesn't like what happened, he can get over it but Rory still worries about losing his friendship. At school, Evan looks for Rory and she avoids him. After school Rory goes straight home and once again avoids her parents and are still angry with how her mother treated Grace. Rory isolates herself in her room and does homework. Later that night she hears something on her window. She opens her curtains and sees Evan outside throwing rocks. She rolls her eyes before closing the curtain and heading downstairs. She exits the house and tells him to be careful, her mother is a bitch and could call the cops. Evan tells Rory that he has been trying to call her. Rory lets him know that she is aware, because she has been ignoring those calls. Evan shuts Rory up by kissing her. He then tells her he feels the same way. Rory asks about Courtney and Evan tells her he ended things earlier, they just weren't clicking like they do.

6.16 Heart On The Floor Evan and Rory make their first debut at school as a couple. Rory officially introduces Evan to Ember as her boyfriend. The pair hang out with Ember, Mason and Spike and Madi.

Season 7


Rory tries to walk away from an argument about Grace

7.07 Grim Goodbyes Rory is home when her mom comes home furious. Rory asks her what happened and Lainey tells her she ran into Grace and things went great until Grace insisted this isn't a phase. Rory is angry at Lainey and tells her being gay isn't a phase, it's an orientation. Lainey tells Rory to watch her mouth but Rory tells her she is tired of sitting around and watching her treat her sister like dirt because she can't handle her own daughter being gay. The two argue more and Rory tries to go upstairs to get away from Lainey but Lainey grabs her arm and tries to continue the conversation, leaving Rory to instead walk out the front door and walk to Ember's house where she tells her what's going on.

7.12 Thanks For The Memories Rory gets a call from Evan about the gig his band may get over the summer.

7.14 Like I Care Ember talks to Rory about how her step-sisters are coming to live with her and her step-dad. Ember is very upset about it, Rory says she has been talking to Evan and because things aren't going to well with her mom he said if she can get her passport she can go with the band over the summer and recommends talking to Madi about it. Rory also tells her that if she needs her to kick anyone's ass, let her know.

7.17 Why Is Life Like This Rory tries to call Grace but gets her voicemail.

7.18 The Good Left Undone Rory attends Evan's graduation.

Season 8

8.04 Together Again Rory gets a call from Ember telling her that her mom won't let her go to Canada with the band. Rory offers to stay too but Ember tells her to go.

8.05 Somewhere I Belong Rory shows up with Evan at Spike's place with her bags and is ready to go. Madi asks Rory if Ember is coming and Ember explains that her mom wouldn't let her. Rory stays and waits when Madi goes off to talk to Gabbi. Upon her return, the group gets ready to depart, and Ember shows up saying her mom changed her mind. The group then leaves.

8.06 How To Save A Life The band arrives at their hotel room and decide who is sleeping where, Madi and Spike in the master suite, Rory, Evan, Ember and Mason in the other room with two queen beds and Zack volunteers to take the pull out couch. Spike and Madi head out to get a feel for the town and ten minutes later, Madison shows up furious that Ember came. Madison is confused on how Rory's mom let her go and Rory explains her mom is just happy she is bunking with guys, she is probably hoping she will screw Evan because that means she's straight. Madi and Spike come back and Madi is able to convince Madison to let Ember stay.

8.07 Something New The group goes out to get a feel for the city center they are staying in, pretty much a big tourist area with no cars and enclosed walking with basic shops, souvineers and restaurants. Rory and Madi break away to do some grocery shopping before meeting back up with the group at Starbucks where they met the other band that is playing, Yesterday's Tomorrow.

8.08 When Did Things Get So Crazy Rory watches the band play their first show from side-stage.


Rory tries to call Grace

8.09 Falling Apart Rory is unable to get a hold of Grace who isn't answering her calls or texts. She tells Madi and Rory about it who recommend calling her girlfriend and her aunt. Rory calls Savannah and learns that they broke up and Grace moved out to live with their grandfather. Rory worries but Savannah tells her that Grace seemed okay, just wanted to figure things out with her parents before things got more serious between them and tells her they are still friends. Rory talks to Madi and Ember about it and how angry she is at her mother for doing this to Grace.

8.12 You and Me, Can't You See Rory is seen in the hotel suite.

8.14 Because of You Evan and Rory go out for breakfast and run into Sabrina and Randy of Yesterday's Tomorrow. Sabrina shows interest in Evan and he doesn't do anything to discourage her, making Rory mad. When they go back to their hotel, Rory and Evan get into an argument resulting in Rory leaving. When she comes back, Madi asks her what's going on and Rory explains to her and Ember that Sabrina from Yesterday's Tomorrow is fliring with Evan and he let it happen. She is insecure and before her, Evan dated two other girls while she was in his life, she is worried he will find something better. She then asks Madi how she and Spike make it work. Madi explains that besides the Fiona incident, they have been honest with each other and they treat each other as equals.

8.15 Call Me When You're Sober Madi and Ember once again tell Rory to tell Evan has she feels. Evan later talks to her as they go out for the day and Rory tells him about insecurities and Evan assures her that she is it for him, he didn't even realize Sabrina was flirting with him. Rory then tells Evan she loves him and he repeats it back.

8.16 That's What You Get Rory hears that Zack is leaving.

8.18 World of Chances Rory and Ember watch the last show from side stage.

Season 9

9.01 Tragic Endings and Blissful Beginnings Rory's phone goes off but before she can answer it, it dies. Ember tells her that her car charger broke and Rory responds that it's fine, she can charge it when she gets home


Rory finds out Grace killed herself.

9.02 I'm Going Mobile Rory enters her home after being dropped off by the Evan. She immediatly notices something is wrong when she sees her parents on the couch with tear stained cheeks. Lainey jumps up and asks why Rory didn't answer her call. Rory explains her charger broke and it wasn't a big deal. Lainey is very upset and Rory finally yells at her to shut up. Calvin tells her not to speak like that to her mother and Rory tells her with how Lainey has been treating Grace, she should be getting a taste of her own medicine. Lainey starts sobbing at the mention of Grace's name and Rory asked what happened. Her father explains that Grace killed herself. Rory doesn't believe it at first but then remembers how her parents treated her and breaks down sobbing. Once she is able to compose herself, she tells Lainey that she did this, the way she treated Grace. As Lainey sobs more, Calvin yells at Rory but Rory yells back, no longer able to keep it in. She then leaves the house. She shows up at the apartment Grace used to share with Savannah and asks if it's true. Savannah nods and Rory breaks down crying again, hugging Savannah.

9.03 I've Become So Numb Grace's suicide makes headlines. By now everyone in town knows and she has been able to charge her phone but has it turned off, not wanting to face anyone. She crashed at Savannah's place and Savannah tells her that she has no problem with Rory being there, but since she is underage, her parents could report her kidnapped. Rory understands and leaves and heads home. When she gets home her dad asks her where she has been and that her mother was worried, but Rory tells him that she has no right to be worried. Just because she couldn't handle the gay kid, doesn't mean she gets to parent the straight one. Rory then grabs her bag that she left in the living room upon returning and turns to leave, when Calvin asks where she is going, Rory tells him the one family member that gives a shit about her kids. Rory then shows up at The Corinthos house and asks if she can stay for a while. Chloe welcomes Rory in and shows her to the spare room. When Rory gets settled, she asks Chloe if there was a way what happened could have been prevented, like if she stayed for the summer and Chloe sadly tells her that the only way to prevent it was Lainey and acceptance by her parents.

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Rory attends Grace's funeral and sticks with Chloe and grandfather Marshall. She glares at her mother during it and then tells her she has some nerve showing up. Lainey tries to talk to Rory, but Chloe stops her and in greif, also blames Lainey and goes off on her about how you don't disown your children. Briana and Noah have to defuse the situation. Evan does his best to support Rory during this but she still holds a lot of hate and hostility towards her parents.

9.06 Savior Savannah goes to the Corinthos home to talk to Rory and Chloe and tell them that the lead vocalist of political punk band Rise Against has reached out to her and wants to talk about Grace. Rory immediately recognizes him as Tim McIlrath and says they should meet with him, his band has done a lot of good and really care. Savannah calls Miranda and tells her to meet her at Kelly's where they will be meeting Tim and Brandon Barnes. Miranda shows up at the right time and Tim explains that they want to have a charity concert in honor of Grace where all the proceeds will go to the It Gets Better Project and the Trevor Project. He wants to bring more awareness to the issue of suicide among the LGBTQ+ community. Rory agrees with Chloe, Miranda and Savannah to help plan and set up the concert.


Rory tells Lainey she is the one to blame for Grace's death

9.07 Don't Tell Me Rory continues to stay with Aunt Chloe and refuses to go home. Lainey stops by telling Chloe she needs to see her daughter and talk to her. Chloe doesn't want to let her in but Rory tells her it's okay. Lainey and Rory sit down to talk and Lainey tries to Rory how sorry she is that Grace killed herself. Rory tells her that she doesn't want to hear how sorry she is. The person that deserves an apology is six feet under because she couldn't accept the fact that one of her daughters was gay and liked girls. Rory then tells her she has no idea how her father can even look at her knowing she killed one of her daughters. Lainey tells her that she understands that Rory feels that way and wishes that she didn't. She then asks her how long she wants to stay with Chloe. Rory explains as long as Chloe will have her. She will not return to a home and get the love and support her sister deserved but wasn't given. Lainey then gets up and pulls some paperwork out of her bag and explains that she feels it's best if she and Calvin move back to Detroit. The paperwork is custody paperwork and if Rory wishes to and Chloe will allow it, then Rory can stay in Port Charles. Chloe then walks in and asks if that is what Rory wants. Rory tells them there is no way she is leaving with them and Lainey signs the papers and tells her that she can get the rest of her things from the house and that she will be working with someone to sell it as fast as possible. Rory nods and tells her mother goodbye.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Rory goes to the concert venue early to help set up and Evan and Ember also arrive. When they ask how she is doing, Rory explains that her parents move back to Detroit and is staying with Aunt Chloe. She doesn't have plans on talking to her mother anytime soon. Before the concert starts, Rory takes some time to herself and continues to wonder what would have happened if she stayed in the states. Tim comes over and talks to her and Rory, knowing that he cares about his fans and his work, tells him about it. Tim tells Rory there was nothing she could have done. It is a tragedy that shouldn't happen and he hopes they can raise awareness to this issue. Before the concert, Rory gives a speech about Grace and who she was. She watches side stage with Evan, Ember and Madi. She tears up when Tim gives a speech about accepting people as who they are, no matter their gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. She cries during their song "Make It Stop (September's Children)" especially during the lines "this life chose me/I'm not lost in sin."

9.12 You're The Reason Rory gets a call from Evan saying the contract folded and they are no longer working on a record. Rory tells him that she's sorry that happened. He later comes by the Corinthos house and hangs with Rory. The pair talk about the situation with the label and how he isn't sure what to do next. Rory tells him to just take some time to think.

9.15 Ready To Fall Savannah shows up at the Corinthos house to talk to Rory. She tells Rory that she has decided to move back to Llanview. It's hard being in the same town where everything reminds her of Grace. Rory tells Savannah that she understands and hopes they can stay in touch, she knows how much she meant to Grace. Savannah tells her to call her anytime, she will answer.

Season 10

10.04 View From Heaven Rory is settled into the Corinthos house. She still blames her mother for everything.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Rory is in the hallway with Ember when the pair see Josh Hunter harrassing Ciara Giambetti. When he grabs Ciara's wrist, the pair step in and tell him to back off. Josh calls Ciara an attention whore before leaving. Ember asks Ciara if she is okay and she says she is fine, just wants to go home. Jasey assures them that Ciara will get home fine.

10.14 Cast The First Stone Ember shows up at the Corinthos house to talk to Rory. She tells her that she never sees Mason anymore and when she does, it's not for long. She feels they are drifting apart. Rory tells her if she isn't feeling it anymore, then it's best to end things.

Season 11

11.03 Long Live Us Rory attends Trinity's high school graduation. Afterwards, she meets up with Evan who is back in town for a few days. She tells him that ever since she and Mason broke up, she hasn't been doing much, which includes answering phones calls and texts. The pair then stop by the North house and Madison tells them that Ember isn't home, despite Rory seeing the light on in Ember's room.

11.05 ...And Then She Bled Evan sends Rory a picture of the set for the bands music video.

606 b offers sam a place to stay

Rory learns Ember is going to Denmark

11.06 Say Goodbye Ember finally answers Rory's texts and ends the radio silence and Ember asks her to meet her at Kelly's. The pair meet up and Ember tells her that she won't be spending her senior year in Port Charles. Rory is confused and Ember explains that she got into a program and will be spending senior year in Copenhagen. Rory asks why and Ember explains that she feels she has hit a dead end and wants a change. She doesn't know if it's because of her breakup with Mason, but she is happy and wants to go. Rory is in shock and doesn't know what to say.

11.08 Why Can't You Just Be Honest Rory is confused on why Ember is doing this and texts Evan, telling him that Ember is spending her senior year in Denmark. Evan tells her that maybe she just needs to find herself. It's rare for people this age to know who they are and what they want. As much as she hates it, Ember needs to do this. Rory then stops by Embe's place to see her packing. She asks her if this is really what she wants to do and Ember tells her she does and hopes they can remain in touch.

Tumblr inline mysxrqR0Vk1so1xk1

Rory at the album release party.

11.10 Stand Amid The Roar Before going to Evan's album release party, Rory stops by Ember's place to say goodbye before she heads to the airport. Rory apologizes to Ember for how she reacted and wants Ember to know they are best friends and she is happy for her. Ember thanks Rory and the two hug each other goodbye. Ember tells her to call her if she needs anything, she may be leaving the continent, but that doesn't mean she is leaving forever and it also doesn't mean Rory can't call or text her. Rory thanks Ember for being a good friend and tells her to have fun in Denmark. Ember then leaves for the airport and Rory heads to NYC to Evan's album release party. She arrives and sees Madi talking with Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. She asks Evan how long that's been going on and Evan tells her not too long, but he and Mason think that by the end of tour, the two will have at least hooked up. Rory rolls her eyes and has fun at the party. She later notices Mason with Zack and Zack's sister Ciara. She asks him how Mason's been doing and Evan tells her better since it was a clean break and not a messy break up. Rory mentions that Ciara looks pretty interested in him and Evan comments saying Ciara is fifteen, Rory responds saying the age difference is two years, the same as theirs. Before Evan can comment, Spike shows up to congratulate the guys on the album.

11.13 Let's Cheers To This Evan comes home for the summer and Rory spends a lot of time with him and feeling better about not imposing on the Corinthos'. She asks him to be her date to their vowel renewal and Evan accepts.

11.14 Tragedy + Time Rory is at home when there is a knock. She answers the door to see Noah who asks if Briana is home. Rory lies saying she isn't, knowing that Briana doesn't want to see him after what happened. Briana comes to the door and tells Rory it's okay and she goes back inside.


Rory meets Kenzie

11.15 When I Come Around Rory heads to Kelly's to grab some coffee by herself and thank about senior year. She wonders if she is going to have to start hanging out with Ciara so she isn't lonely. Kenzie Ford sits across from her and introduces herself, saying she has seen her around school. Rory tells her she knows who she is is.When Kenzie asks where Ember is, Rory annoyingly tells her Denmark. Kenzie can tell Rory is annoyed and excuses herself. Rory feels bad for how she sounded and tells Kenzie it's fine and that she has had a crazy year. Her sister killed herself, she is living with her aunt, her best friend ditched her to go "find herself" and her boyfriend is in New York City. Kenzie tells her it's fine, she understands somewhat. Her sister Hope passed a while back, her best friend transferred to an arts school and her boyfriend is at Princeton. Rory comments that they have more in common than she originally thought. Kenzie laughs and agrees. She then asks about her boyfriend and Rory explains Evan plays bass in The Young and Reckless, they recently finished their debut album and are spending time in town but since Ember broke up with the drummer, Mason Lavery they are having some guy time. Rory then asks about her sister and Kenzie sadly explains that Hope was killed a few years ago along with AJ Chandler. Rory then realizes Kenzie is Hope Thornhart's sister and tells her Grace Baker was hers. The two continue to talk and get along. The pair exchange numbers before leaving.


Rory gets ready for the vow renewal.

11.17 Everybody Breaks a Glass Rory gets a text from Kenzie seeing how ready she is for senior year. Rory replies that she has most of her stuff ready and hoping it won't suck.

11.19 We'll Be A Dream Rory gets ready for Michael and Chloe's vow renewal in the morning and leaves with Trinity and Chloe. When she arrives at the venue she meets up with Evan. The pair are seated close to the front when the ceremony is interrupted.

Season 12

12.01 The Last Great Love Story Rory is confused with the woman claims to be the mother of Michael's child. While they sidebar, Evan asks Rory what's going on and Rory tells him she has no idea. When Chloe tells everyone the ceremony is canceled, she grabs Violet from Taylor and tells Trinity it's best if she stayed at Taylor's. Rory spends the night with Evan not wanting to deal with drama.

12.02 New Modern Love Rory returns home early the next before anyone has woken up. She changes out of her dress and into sweats when Michael and Chloe wake up and she sees Michael spent the night in the guest room. When Trinity returns home, the pair listens to Michael and Chloe argue and hear that they had hit a rough patch that lead to a small separation which resulted in Michael going out one night and getting black out drunk. The reason the women interrupted the ceremony was because she was desperate to speak to him because his possible son is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. She hears Chloe tell Michael it's best if he stays somewhere else for a while. As Michael is leaving, Briana arrives and asks Trinity what is happening and Trinity tells her what she and Rory heard.

12.04 Life Goes On Rory returns to school for her senior year and
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Rory in class.

meets up with Kenzie. Kenzie asks about what happened at the wedding and Rory tells her the truth and it seems like a very screwed up situation, but since everything has been screwed up since she first arrived to town, she has learned that everything here is screwed up. The pair have mostly seperate classes because Kenzie is in mostly AP ones but meet up at lunch and talk about their teachers and how there is always the one who doesn't see the first day as syllabus day but as a learning day and assigns homework and that is usually the math teacher. Kenzie asks Rory if she needs help in pre-calc but Rory tells her she should be fine.

12.05 Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? At school, Rory meets up with Kenzie who is looking at her phone nervously. Rory asks her what's going on and Kenzie hands it to her. Rory sees it's a Raw. Real. story which confuses her because she thought Meghan Spencer ran it and she is now off to school in a different state. Rory then reads the story and can understand why Kenzie is nervous, it's about Christian cheating on her in Princeton, the photo is of him hugging some girl. Rory tells Kenzie not to worry, he is simply hugging her, that could mean that she is just a friend. Evan probably has hugged Madi before. Kenzie tells her she is still nervous and tells her how Christian went from Charlotte, to Bree to her, all starting out simply as friends and then more. Rory tells her that Evan was with two girls before she and him got together and to try not to worry about it.

12.10 A Hundred Sleepless Nights Rory is in the kitchen making coffee. As she pours herself a cup, Emma storms in the room and takes the pot and cup from her, pouring some for herself. Rory is really confused and Emma tells her she needs to talk to Briana alone. Rory pours her own cup before walking out of the room.

12.12 The Downfall of Us All Rory is talking to Kenzie in the hallway when they witness Aaron Hunter fight off both Josh and Gabe.

12.14 Restless Heart Syndrome Evan is in town for the day while they take a break from rehearsal. Rory asks him how Mason is doing, especially with him and Ember being broken up. Evan tells her that he seems fine, he probably saw it coming. Rory asks if he has said anything about Ciara. Evan asks her if she is still hellbent on setting them up and Rory says that they would make a cute couple.


12.17 Idle Minds Rory meets up with Kenzie and Kenzie tells her that Christian hasn't been answering her calls and she is nervous. Rory tells her he is probably studying. She then asks what he said when he was over for break and Kenzie tells her that he said it was ridiculous. Rory tells her that she needs to trust him right now. Rory later goes to a family dinner at the Corinthos house that Chloe is having to bring back some normalcy. Michael discovers Briana is pregnant and that Noah doesn't think he is the father and attempts to lecture her. Briana tells him he isn't one to lecture her when he cheated on Chloe and was questioned about possibly parenting another child. Rory tries to calm everyone down but Briana storms out and Rory follows her and tries to calm Briana down which results in Briana telling her to leave her alone, she needs time to think. Rory then goes back inside and straight to her room to avoid everyone. She makes it to her room when her phone rings. Rory answers it and a worried Kenzie. Kenzie tells her that she wasn't trying to snoop but she went on Facebook and found the girl in the picture and they seem really close. Rory tells her to turn off her computer and get some sleep. Kenzie tries to say something else but Rory tells her she is overthinking things, guys can have friends that are girls and girls can have friends that are guys and nothing be romantic.

12.20 Politics of Love Rory drags Kenzie to the Young and Reckless concert. Before they go on, she talks to Evan and wishes him luck. Rory then tells Kenzie to relax and have a good time. Everything will be fine.

Season 13

13.03 I Am The Fire

13.04 Fake It

13.05 For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic

13.06 If It Means a Lot To You

13.07 You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder

13.08 In a Place of Solace

13.09 There'll Come a Day

13.11 Diamonds Aren't Forever

13.14 The Edge of Tonight

13.16 Stop Looking Start Seeing

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle



"It's not a lifestyle, it's an orientation!" (Rory to mother Lainey with how she treated her sister Grace)

"Considering the homophobe my mom is, she is probably hoping I screw Evan so she knows I'm straight" (Rory to Madison)

"You do not get to sit there with the 'woe is me' act when you are the reason she is dead. You killed her, mom. You killed Grace!" (Rory to her mom after finding out her sister Grace is dead.)


Evan Salinger

  • Start Up: 6.14 Got Me Going Crazy