Jasey is currently a freshman at Port Charles High School and recently entered the series. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she has mental health problems that she has been dealing with her entire life. She is the little sister of Liam McBain and cousin of Gabe McBain and is seen to be bossed around by him a lot. she is friends with Ciara Giambetti and Josh Hunter has been showing her some attention. Jasey is shown to have a gothic-ish style but hates labels and when cousin Gabe called Jordan Wentworth "emo-boy" she apologized for him as the pair walked off. Jasey is seen to be sensitive but tough and is there for her friends when they need her, but has her share of secrets, one can be seen in season 10 finale. Jasey is portrayed by Canadian actress Stacey Farber

Early Life

From a young age, Jasey showed symptoms of mental health problems. At seven-years-old, she complained to Natalie about being unhappy and "feeling sick." She never found joy in playing with other children. In second grade she was having trouble completing her work, feeling the need to redo them so they were "perfect." She always felt physically sick as well as mentally sick but worried about missing school. As she got older, she always feared about her parents leaving and never returning, both of them working in law enforcement. Insomnia came later at age ten, along with the feeling of wanting to die. She was in and out of hospitals from age eleven to fourteen after being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. She mostly stayed in inpatient hospitals before being deemed "stable enough" to attend school. Liam, John, and Natalie don't speak about her that much when she isn't staying at home. She is shown to be angry at her family for "sending her away" and feels like they do not care about her and see her as a burden.

In The Series

Season 9


9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) Jasey makes her first appearance in the McBain home. Her family is going about their day, preparing for their day. Liam asks Jasey if he wants him to show her around town but Jasey declines, saying if they wanted her to see the town, they wouldn't have sent her away. Natalie is annoyed at Jasey's comment saying that they did what they had to do for her health. Jasey is annoyed by the comment and Natalie also tells her to take off the heavy eye make-up, commenting it makes her look like a raccoon. Jasey stays quiet until her cousin Gabe shows up. Gabe is excited to start high school and talks to Liam about it while Jasey stays silent. Liam tries to talk to her about school but Jasey ignores him, not wanting to talk. She later goes upstairs and takes off her eye make-up so she won't look like a "raccoon" like Natalie had said. She is visibly upset and not sure how to react to all the things around her. That night, Natalie tells her to stick with Gabe the next day, he will help her get adjusted to being at school. Jasey once again comments that if she wasn't "sent away" she would already know how to handle being in a real school, not be a dainty flower who has no idea how to handle anything. Natalie once again tells Jasey she did what she had to do to keep her healthy and with them. Jasey roles her eyes and gives the teenage response of "whatever."

9.05 Prepare Your Weapon Jasey is dropped off at school
Ellie by sirazor

Jasey on her first day of school.

with Gabe by Natalie who waves them off. Gabe annoying tells Jasey to stick with him. She nods not happy to be there but follows Gabe into the school where he shoves Jordan Wentworth out of the way and calls him "emo-boy." Jasey apologizes to him before following Gabe in school where they get in line to get their class schedule. Throughout the day, Jasey is seen being bossed around by Gabe and in class with Josh, Jordan and Ciara.

9.07 Don't Tell Me Jasey is finally able to separate herself from Gabe and sits next to Ciara in math class. Ciara talks to Jasey and seems to be nervous but has good intentions of wanting to make friends. Jasey talks to her throughout the day and the two sit together at lunch and Jordan Wentworth who seems to have a similar style as her.

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Jasey in class.

9.10 On My Own Jasey continues to hang out with Jordan and Ciara. As she is in the hallway by her locker Josh Hunter comes up to talk to her. Jasey sees Josh as a friend of Gabe who is also a jerk like him. Ciara later tells Jasey to avoid Josh, saying she knows him from Middle School. Josh later tries to flirt with her again and Jasey tells him to leave her alone. When Josh doesn't, Jordan walks over and repeats what Jasey told him. Josh puts his hands up and walks away. Jasey thanks Jordan but tells him she could have handled it herself.

9.16 Found A Way Josh continues to pursue Jasey much to her annoyance but it's mostly just fliritng in passing. She sees that it visibly upsets Ciara and asks Ciara what's up. Ciara tells Jasey that over the summer she and Josh were "sort-of" together and that he pressured her into having sex with him and then left, she even thought she was possibly pregnant and he ignored her after she told him. Jasey is shocked but tells Ciara that she has no interest in Josh and he seems like a dick. When Josh speaks to her again, Jasey tells him to leave her alone of she will break his nose, Josh asks where the hostility comes from, Jasey doesn't reply, just tells him if he talks to her again, she will break his nose.

Season 10

10.07 Let Love Bleed Red Jasey is with both Ciara and Jordan when they get a mass text to go to the gossip site. She is shocked and saddened to see it is about Ciara having a pregnancy scare. She and Jordan try to keep her calm and get her out of the hallway as she appears to be having a panic attack. They duck into an empty classroom not being used and Jasey helps get Ciara's breathing under control. Jordan doesn't say anything about the story as he asks if Ciara wants to get out there for the day. Ciara agrees and Jordan and Jasey try to think of a way to get out of there when Ciara's phone rings. The caller ID says Zack and Jasey answers it telling Zack where they are. A few minutes later Zack walks in and he takes Ciara home and thanks Jasey or Jordan. The pair go back into the hallway and Jasey thanks Jordan for not asking for details. Jordan tells her it's none of his business, if Ciara wanted him to know, she would have told him.


Jasey talks to Ciara before class.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Ciara returns to school and sticks with Jasey. Meghan Spencer approaches the pair and Jasey tells her that if she says anything, she will break her nose. Meghan plays innocent, asking what she is talking about, she was just going to ask how Ciara is doing after the whole school found out what a whore she is. As Meghan turns to leave, Jasey trips her causing her to fall. Jasey says "oops" and the two head to class. Ciara tries to avoid people but checks her phone and sees there's a new story about Trinity Corinthos. Ciara is relieved as everyone seems to be focusing on her. Towards the end of the day, she is in the hallway with Jasey when Josh approaches them. He is furious and asks Ciara who she told. Jasey tells him to back off but Josh is furious and asking her who she told and if she told the story to get attention. Ciara has no idea what to say. Rory and Ember turn into that part of the hallway and see them. As Josh grabs Ciara's wrist, Rory tells him he needs to back off. Josh calls Ciara an attention whore before leaving. Rory and Ember ask if she is okay and Ciara says she just wants to go home.

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Jasey talks to Jordan.

10.14 Cast The First Stone Jasey is with Ciara when they get a text about a new story on Raw. Real. Jasey opens the link and is shocked to see it is about him being a cutter. She tells Ciara she will meet her at lunch. She goes to find Jordan and asks him if he read the new story. Jordan tells her he isn't really into the drama. Jasey brings it up on her phone and shows him causing him to laugh. He gives her her phone back and tells her that whoever runs the site is really reaching, dark clothes doesn't make him a cutter. He drops the subject and asks her about the book Night that they are reading for English. The two discuss the book as they go to lunch only for Gabe to make cutter jokes to Jordan and him complete ignore it. Jasey tells Gabe to leave him alone.

10.16 Days Are Numbered Gabe still wont stop making cutter jokes. Jasey tells him to knock it off and he accuses her of having a crush on Jordan and being his "little cutter girlfriend." Jasey leaves the area and takes some time to herself at lunch. Ciara later asks her if she is okay and Jasey tells her she is fine, just cramps. Jasey returns home that night to find Natalie going through some of her stuff in her room. Jasey asks what she's doing and Natalie tells her that some of her clothes are too dark, brighter colors will really help her mood. Jasey tells Natalie her clothes are fine and she doesn't need brighter ones to make her feel better. Natalie tells her the doctor said that this could help and Jasey tells her it won't, she likes what she wears. Natalie still takes some of her stuff, including some of her hair extensions and even takes the one's she's wearing out. As Jasey protests, John tells her to not be so hard on her mom, she is just doing what's best for her.

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10.20 No News Is Good News Before class, Natalie tells Jasey she is still wearing too much eye make up and looking like a raccoon. Jasey leaves before she can say anything else and goes straight to school. Josh has joined Gabe in making cutter jokes but Jordan continues to ignore them. Jasey asks him how it's not bothering him and Jordan tells her he knows what is true and what's not and that is all that matters. Gabe continues to make cutter jokes to Jordan. At lunch he leans down between Jasey and Jordan who are seated and makes the comment "Emo's are so predictable. eat, cut, sleep, repeat." Jasey is visibly shaken by Gabe's words and excuses herself to the bathroom. She takes deep breaths when she enters and checks to see if she is alone. When she does, Jasey stares at her reflection and tries not to cry. A few minutes later Jordan enters the bathroom to see Jasey holding paper towels to her arm trying to get herself to stop bleeding and a bloody razor blade on the counter.

Season 11


Jasey talks to Jordan

11.01 To Live and To Lose Jasey is avoiding Jordan but he is persistent. The next day, he pulls her into an empty classroom and tells her that they are going to talk. Jasey tells him there is nothing to talk about, playing dumb about him walking in on her hurting herself. Jordan grabs her arm and pulls up her sleeves before Jasey can even react. Jasey shoves him away from her and tells him to back off, storming out of the classroom and running into Ciara. Ciara asks what's going on, Jasey tells her she isn't feeling well and heading home. Ciara is confused but follows Jasey telling her they still have two classes. Jordan catches up to the pair and tells Ciara to go to class, he will walk Jasey home. Jordan walks with Jasey out of the school and tells her they need to talk and he isn't taking no for an answer. Jasey is angry but Jordan tells her that he is doing this because he cares about her, Jasey laughs saying no one cares about her. Jordan tells her that isn't true and that she shouldn't be hurting herself. After a few moments and Jasey is able to calm herself, the two sit down and Jordan asks her why. Jasey explains that in her earliest memories, she was always sad and never found joy in anything. Jordan listens as Jasey explains that she has suffered from Major Depressive Disorder for most of her life and at from ages eleven to fourteen, she spent most of her time in inpatient hospitals. She has got really good at faking being better. She also tells him that her parents and brother act like it's her fault that she feels the way she does and don't understand that it's how her brain is wired. Everything piles up and she doesn't know what to do anymore. Her parents finally let her come home because they thought she was healthy, she doesn't want them to send her away again and begs Jordan not to tell anyone, not Ciara, a teacher or anyone's parents. Jordan tells her he wont tell as long as she tries to stop and when she feels like doing it, call him instead. Jasey agrees.

11.02 Light Me Up It's the last day of the school year and Jasey just wants it to end so she can go home and relax and not worry about homework over the summer and hopefully get away from the drama of Raw. Real and spend time with Jordan and Ciara. She meets up with them between classes and the three talk about summer plans. Ciara is happy that Zack will be coming home after finishing the album to wait for his bands first tour to start. Jasey and Jordan ask about the band and Ciara tells them that they are really good and she is happy Zack gets to play guitar for a living. Ciara departs from the group to go to her next class and Jasey and Jordan run into Gabe. Gabe continues the cutter jokes to Jordan who does his best to ignore him. It isn't until Gabe insults Jasey and calling her an "emo-freak" that Jordan tells him to leave her alone. Gabe once again accuses Jasey of being Jordan's "freak" girlfriend. Jordan warns Gabe to back off and when Gabe doesn't, Jordan punches him in the face, breaking his nose. The three are called into the principal's office where since it is the last day of school, the three are given a warning and told that this better not happen next year. As the three leave, Gabe tells Jasey and Jordan they will not get away with this.

L370e65660000 1 23209

Jasey cuts herself for the first time on screen

11.04 You Make Me Sick Jasey wakes up and gets ready for the day, planning on going to the movies with Ciara. As she enters the kitchen, Natalie gets off the phone and tells Jasey they need to talk and even calls John in the room. Jasey is nervous that Jordan told someone about her cutting and her parents are sending her away again. She plays it cool, hoping it is something else. Natalie then asks why Gabe's nose is broken. Jasey tells her that she isn't the one who broke it, he had been bullying her friend Jordan and he got fed up with it. Natalie tells Jasey that Gabe told Marcy that Jasey told Jordan to break his nose. Jasey is shocked and denies this, saying that Gabe has been making fun of Jordan for a long time, he was able to ignore it until Gabe made a mean comment about her. Natalie is still angry she let her friend hurt her cousin. Jasey explains that she didn't do anything and can't control Jordan just like she can't control Gabe. John listens to Natalie's argument and agrees with her when he tells her she is grounded for the week. Jasey tries to argue but Natalie won't hear it and takes Jasey's phone. Jasey says that she was going to the movies with Ciara and if she is grounded, she needs to text Ciara to cancel. Natalie texts Ciara from Jasey's phone and sends Jasey to her room. Jasey slams the door and doesn't know what to do. She starts having a panic attack and tries to calm herself but breaks down crying. The familiar feeling like she was drowning came back. She is unable to call Jordan and ends up hurting herself.

11.06 Say Goodbye Jasey is finally out of the house after being grounded. When she tells Jordan and Ciara the reason, Jordan apologizes but Jasey tells him it isn't his fault. They sit down at Kelly's and try to enjoy the day. Jasey keeps her cutting a secret from Jordan saying things are okay, she just wishes her parents were more understanding. When the three leave and head to the park, they notice that Josh and Gabe are following them. Ciara is uneasy seeing Josh so Jasey and Jordan offer to go somewhere else but Ciara tells them that it's fine. Josh and Gabe then approach the three and Gabe attempts to goad Jordan into fighting again. Jasey steps in and makes a remark about his broken nose and how he should take that as a hint to leave Jordan alone. Gabe once again accuses Jasey of having a crush on Jordan. Jasey roles her eyes and just tells Gabe to get a life and stop bothering others. Ciara tries to de-escalate the situation and tells Jasey and Jordan that they should just go back to her place and watch a movie instead of hang out in the park. Jasey agrees and the three leave but Gabe continues to taunt them as they leave. They get to Ciara's house and Jasey asks where Zack is and Ciara tells her that since school is out, he will be staying in NYC until the album is done, likely sleeping on Madi's couch. Jordan asks about the album and Ciara tells them that from what she heard, it is going to be really good rock and since they are working with Andy Biersack, things should be pretty good. As soon as they have a finished product for a sample, he promised to send her a copy before the release.

Degrassi next generation fierter partie 1 025 H042632 L

Jasey meets Jordan at the park.

11.10 Stand Amid The Roar Jasey awakes to Natalie being in her room. She is confused on what is going on and Natalie tells her it's 11, she needs to be up by now. Jasey wakes up fully and notices that Natalie is going through her CD collection. She asks Natalie what's she's doing and Natalie tells her that she read online that the music one listens to can help affect their mood. Jasey gets up and notices that Natalie has two piles, one with CD's that have darker album covers and others that are more neutral. She notices Natalie has her Bring Me The Horizon albums along with New Years Day, In This Moment and Butcher Babies album in a pile and Papa Roach, Paramore, and Pierce the Veil. She repeats asking Natalie what she is doing and Natalie grabs a bag and hands it to her, inside are Taylor Swift, Beyonce, One Direction and Justin Bieber CDs. Jasey asks what this is and Natalie tells her that those will help with her mood since they are upbeat and happy. Jasey argues that all that music is, is basic love songs, break up tracks and talks about partying. She even points out that Taylor Swift names people in her songs like a third grader. She grabs her New Year's Day CD and tells Natalie that this music is about holding on and staying true to yourself. It's music that matters. Natalie grabs the pile of CD's that she had in a pile and tells Jasey this should help her mood and her depression. Natalie then leaves. Jasey is frustrated and quickly gets ready for the day and texts Jordan and Ciara to meet her. Ciara tells her she can't, she is heading to NYC for Zack's album release party. Jordan and Jasey meet up at the Port Charles park where Jasey tells him what happened. Jordan listens as she vents about how her mom is treating her and just not listening to anything she says. Jordan asks her how she reacted, Jasey knows he is asking if she hurt herself and Jasey tells him she just texted him and Ciara. Jordan recommends trying to talk to Natalie and get her to understand how she feels. Jasey goes home that night and asks Natalie if they can talk. Natalie and her sit down at the kitchen table and Jasey tells her how she feels when Natalie does the things to her that she is doing. Natalie tells her she is just doing what's best for her. Jasey tries telling her how she feels but Natalie interupts telling her she knows what is best, causing Jasey to yell about just because she read it on a new-age blog about mental illness, doesn't mean it works for her. She isn't the one in her head and neither are the hippies on the internet, she is and she has to live with it every day. Before Natalie can ground Jasey for yelling, Jasey goes to her room and locks herself inside.

11.13 Let's Cheers To This Jasey goes to Kelly's to meet Ciara for coffee.

Ciara sees Jasey's arm.

She is frustrated with how her parents have been treating her the past few days since she yelled at Natalie. Jasey just tells Ciara that her parents don't agree with how she dresses and the music she listens to, not telling her about having Major Depressive Disorder. As the two walk to their table, Ciara trips over a table leg and spills her coffee on Jasey. Ciara apologizes and grabs napkins to help clean up the coffee. Jasey takes off her bracelets and puts them on the table hoping not to ruin them. Jasey grabs a few napkins from Ciara as Ciara continues to apologize. Jasey tells her it's not a big deal. As Jasey is wiping her arm clean, Ciara glances down seeing scars. She grabs Jasey's arm asking what that is. Jasey tells her it's nothing but Ciara is adamant that it's something, Jasey tells her she was attacked by a bush. Ciara looks at her still confused and Jasey tells her she has to go, before grabbing her stuff and rushing out of the cafe.

11.16 Space Enough To Grow Ciara shows up at Jasey's house asking if they can talk. Jasey lets her in and tells her that her parents are at work and Liam is with his girlfriend. The two sit down in the living room and Ciara apologizes for how she reacted. She tells her that she talked to her brother who somewhat explained it and why and she doesn't want her to think she is disgusted by it or something like that. Jasey tells her it's fine and not to worry. Ciara tells her that she doesn't want Jasey to think this means she doesn't want to be her friend, she still does and thinks Jasey is a great friend and happy they met. Jasey tells her it's okay and she's not worried. Ciara asks her who all knows and Jasey tells her that just Jordan and he found out on his own. Jasey then tells her that she has Major Depressive Disorder and from ages 11 to 14 she was in and out of psychiatric hospitals. This is her first time returning to school and the real world, she doesn't want to go back and is trying to get better. Ciara tells her she won't tell anyone as long as it isn't a problem, meaning that as long as Jasey isn't doing it, she won't tell anyone. Jasey tells her she won't and is getting better. Ciara then tells her Jordan told her what happened with her music and pulls a Young and Reckless CD out of her bag and gives it to Jasey saying she got Zack and the rest of the band to sign. Jasey thanks her.

Season 12

12.03 Here's To Never Growing Up Jasey hears there is going to be a back to school party at Courtney Hunter's house and thinks going may make her more social and her mom wants her to be more social. Jasey calls Ciara and tells her about it, Ciara is hesitant since it's at Josh's house but decides to go because Jasey is. Jasey packs a bag and tells her mom that she is staying with Ciara for the night, one last sleepover before the school year starts. Natalie gives her permission to go and Jasey drops her stuff off at Ciara's before the pair head out. The party is in full swing when the pair arrives and Jasey tells Ciara that since it's big, she won't run into Josh and the moment she feels uncomfortable they can leave. Ciara agrees and the two grab some drinks, mainly just Pepsi, She asks Jasey if she wants alcohol and Jasey tells her she can't because of the meds she is on, you can't mix Lexapro and Welbutrin with alcohol. Ciara agrees and the two grab some closed bottle Pepsi's. Not too long after getting there, they realize this isn't their scene exactly and doesn't look like fun. Courtney Hunter then makes an announcement that her best friend Sera is back from two years in Australia and they should definitely party that night. The two head toward the exit when Gabe comes to talk to them, he asks where Jordan is and Jasey tells him he is in Baltimore until tomorrow so he can't go around trying to get a rise out of him. In part of the confusion, Jasey and Ciara put their cups down and try to get Gabe to leave them alone. After drinking her Pepsi for a while longer Jasey starts to feel funny and sleepy. Ciara recognizes it from the Sexual assault PSA's as someone possibly drugged her. She quickly calls Zack and tells him what happened. Zack arrives and is furious Ciara went to a party, let alone drank. Ciara explains they drank Pepsi and only put their cups down once or someone must have lined the cups. Ciara helps Zack get Jasey to the car when she fully passes out. Ciara worries asking Zack what happens when you mix drugs like Rohypnol with antidepressants. Zack asks her what Jasey is on and Ciara tells him that earlier she said she was Lexapro and Welbutrin. Zack says they need to take her to the ER and Ciara begs him not to, saying that her mom will kill her, it doesn't matter that she only drank Pepsi, her parents are hard on her and she will be grounded forever. Zack tells her that she may need her stomach pumped or at least make her purge. Ciara says they can do that at their place. Ciara and Zack get back to their house and get Jasey to the bathroom where Zack gets Jasey to purge the contents of her stomach. Once there is nothing left, the pair checks Jasey's pulse and heart rate and it remains normal. Jasey wakes up the next day confused about what happened and Zack explains that Ciara called him frantic saying she thought Jasey was drugged. Jasey thanks Zack for getting her out of there, and apologizes for the situation. Zack tells her it's fine but if she goes to parties, she needs to be careful. Jasey assures him that she won't attend any more parties.

12.04 Life Goes On Jasey returns to school and meets up with Jordan and Ciara. She asks Jordan how Baltimore was and he tells her that it was okay but none of his old friends seemed interested in hanging out. He just hopes this year will go better for them.

12.06 The Young and Hopeless Jasey returns home from school to see Natalie furious. Jasey asks what's going on and Natalie tells her that Gabe stopped by earlier with Marcy to talk about her. Jasey is confused on what they had to say about her. Natalie tells her that Gabe saw her at a party drinking. Jasey is unable to deny not going to the party but tells Natalie she didn't drink, she and Ciara got Pepsi, realized it wasn't their scene and left. Natalie informs her that Gabe saw her be carried out by Ciara and her brother because she was drunk. Natalie tells her that Gabe saw her and that she is very disappointed in her, especially since she is on medication that doesn't go well with alcohol. Jasey tries to explain what happened but Natalie tells her that she has never been more disappointed in her. Jasey runs out of the house crying and doesn't know what to do. She heads straight to Ciara's place, not wanting to bother Jordan. She knocks on the door mid panic attack and Zack answers shocked to see Jasey in her state. She asks for Ciara and Zack tells her that their dad had the day off of work and took Ciara to the movies right after school. Jasey turns to leave but Zack grabs her arm and tells her she is sobbing and isn't in the right state to go out. He invites her inside and says she can wait for Ciara. Jasey agrees and comes inside. Zack gets her some water and asks if she wants to talk about it, he may not be Ciara but he is a good listener. Jasey calms herself and tells him what happened and the argument she had with Natalie and what Gabe told her. Zack is shocked and Jasey tells him she knows she should be used to it by now but it's still sad that Natalie believes Gabe over her.

12.07 Love Hate Fear Jasey talks with Ciara and Jordan on how Gabe and Josh seem to have a new target with Aaron.


Natalie sees Jasey's arm.

12.10 A Hundred Sleepless Nights Jasey is at home doing homework when she accidentally spills her water on paper and lap. She is annoyed and grabs a towel and starts wiping it up. She absentmindedly rolls up her sleeves when Natalie walks in the room and sees her arm. Natalie freezes and drops the laundry basket she is holding, alerting Jasey of her presence. Jasey freezes and turns to see Natalie. She tries to cover her arm but Natalie grabs it and asks her why. Jasey tries to tell her about everything that goes on in her head and how she feels when Natalie believes Gabe over her and how she is trying to help and make things worse. Natalie is furious that she blames her and her father for how they are treating her. Jasey grabs her bag off the floor and leaves. Natalie calls after her but Jasey keeps going. She finds herself at Ciara's house again. When Ciara answers the door, she asks Jasey what happened and Jasey tells her she had another fight with her mom and was wondering if she could crash here. Ciara tells her it's okay and Jasey enters the house. Zack asks Ciara who is at the door and sees Jasey again. Jasey asks if she can crash here for the night and Zack tells her she can but only for the night. Jasey thanks him and goes to Ciara's room with her. Jasey tells her what happened and how scared she is that her mom is going to send her back to the hospital. She doesn't want to go back, If her parents treated her normally, things wouldn't be the way they are. Ciara does her best to comfort Jasey.


Jasey tells Ciara she can't go home.

12.11 The Carpal Tunnel of Love Zack leaves for band rehearsal and Ciara tells her she can stay as long as she wants since Zack won't be around. Jasey thanks her and skips school to go back to her place and pack a few things before returning to Ciara's place. After school both Ciara and Jordan return and tell her that her dad has people asking around for her. Jasey tells her she expected that but isn't sure what to do. Ciara tells her they asked at school if she's seen her and she lied, saying she hasn't since the previous day, which wasn't much of a lie, she saw her mostly the night before. Jordan tells them that her hiding out is a terrible idea and since her dad is the police commissioner. Jasey tells him if she goes home, then her parents will send her back to the psychiatric hospital and nothing there has ever helped her. She has felt better since leaving and if her parents didn't try to change what she does and believe Gabe's lies over her.

12.12 The Downfall of Us All Jasey is in the living room with Ciara when Ciara notices Zack is driving up the driveway. She tells Jasey to hide and Jasey hides in Ciara's room. She hears their conversation and Zack sees Jasey's shoe's by the door and asks if she is there. Ciara denies it but Zack searches Ciara's room and finds Jasey in the closet. He tells her he empathizes with what she is going through but he has to call her dad and let her know she is there. Ciara tries to argue with Zack but Zack tells her that their father works for the Corinthos Organization and since he owns the house and is the adult in the situation despite not always being around, due to New York State law, he could get in trouble. Zack apologizes and tells Jasey that he is really sorry, but he is going to go talk to her dad, maybe see if she can stay another night but he has to tell them where she is.

12.13 This is Gospel Jasey returns home and John and Natalie sit her down at the kitchen table and talk to her. John tells her that he talked to Zack and got the full story about the party. Natalie asks why Jasey never told them about what Gabe was doing. Jasey tells them that she tried but Natalie never believed her. She also tells them that she would rather die then go back to the psychiatric hospital. Being there makes her feel worse and right now the meds are working. John and Natalie tell her that they aren't going to send her back since it appears that she is doing great in school and has made some good friends. Instead, she is going to go to therapy at least once a week and they have gone through her room and removed the sharp object and have locked up the rest. Jasey is in shock that they aren't sending her back but thanks them. Natalie tells her that she is sorry for making her feel the way she did, they are family and they need to stick together.

12.15 And The Snakes Start to Sing Jasey has her first therapy appointment at GH with Dr. Maddox. She tells him about school and her friends but mostly talk about her parents and how they make her feel. She and Dr. Maddox talk for an hour and when it's over Jasey goes to Ciara's place and talks to her about her appointment.

Tumblr ntjs1uOvCB1rc9y6jo5 540

Jasey hears Liam

12.16 Same Book But Never The Same Page Jasey is working on getting better from home and happy with how her parents are treating her, but Liam isn't being very nice. She overhears him on the phone with Ali calling her an "attention seeker" and that she needs to just snap out of it.

12.20 Politics of Love Ciara has an extra ticket for the Young and Reckless concert in town and invites Jasey. She asks Natalie and Natalie tells her she can go, but to be careful. Jasey goes and Ciara and her are able to go backstage where she meets the rest of Young and Reckless along with Black Veil Brides. She wishes Zack luck before he goes on stage.

Season 13

13.05 For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic

13.07 You, The Room & The Devil on Your Shoulder

13.09 There'll Come a Day

13.11 Diamonds Aren't Forever

13.15 We Were Doomed From the Start

13.16 Stop Looking Start Seeing

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle


  • Jasey is the second character to have a self-mutilation problem (the first being Madi Morgan is season 2) but is the first to enter the series with one.
  • Jasey is the second character to enter the series with a severe mental health problem, hers being Major Depressive Disorder (the other is Bree Brennan with Dissociative Identity Disorder)
  • Favorite band is


"sorry" (to Jayden after Gabe insulted him)

"Back off or I will break your nose" (Jasey to Josh when he doesn't leave her alone)

"I cut because I'm depressed...and scared. No one knows what's going on in my head and no one can. Doctors have tried and all they do is put me on medication. I can't control anything...except this. This is the one thing in my life I can control, and I need control." (Jasey when Jordan asks her why she cuts)

"No one cares about me! If they did, they would try to understand what's going on in my head instead of blaming me. I don't choose to be this way. If I had a choice on how I felt, I would be happy like everyone else."

"Just because you read about it on a new-age hippy blog about treating mental illness, doesn't mean it's true! They aren't the ones in my head and neither are you. Stop saying you know what's best for me when you refuse to acknowledge how I really feel!"