Hayley Spinelli is currently a Sophomore at Port Charles High School and entered the series as a freshman in season 6. Hayley has a weird sense of style and is somewhat of a nerd. she loved computers and takes after her parents in how well she can work computers and hack into websites and find pretty much anything on the internet. Hayley was an outcast until she had to tutor Yasmin Castillo in Biology and she and her friend Amaya Martin took Hayley under their wing. They helped her get Aiden Cassadine to look at her not in a "you're weird" way, but she felt kind of ditched when they got into Kaylee's crew. Hayley was also a closeted lesbian. she was too afraid to tell anyone, but eventually confided in friend/later girlfriend Kate Chandler. The pair were outed on the gossip site Raw. Real. in the Season 12 Finale.

Early Life

Hayley was born in Port Charles, New York and has resided there her whole life. Her twin sister Sera later went to boarding school leaving just her and her parents. Her sister and her clash with personalities and interest, Sera being the more outgoing one while Hayley takes after her father in being a loner and good with computers. She learned a lot from him on hacking and a lot on biology from her mother and is very focused on academics.

In The Series

Season 6


Hayley on the first day of school.

6.03 I Wanna Be Weightless Hayley makes her first appearance as a freshman at Port Charles High and extremely shy and timid. She meets Aiden Cassadine who is assigned to be her mentor. Aiden tries to talk to Hayley throughout the day but she is very quiet and timid, mostly just nodding when he tells her something.

6.11 Now or Never Hayley's advanced biology teacher asks her to meet her in her room after fifth period. Hayley meets her there and her teacher explains that she needs her to tutor Yasmin Castillo who is failing. Hayley agrees despite Yasmin being confused with her only being a freshman and Hayley explains she is in the gifted program. Yasmin finally agrees and the two later meet that day and go over cell structure.

6.15 Careful What You Wish For Hayley meets with Yasmin again for a

Hayley looking in the mirror

tutoring session. Afterwards Hayley asks how Yasmin met Liam McBain and Yasmin explains that they kind of just ran into each other and became friends. Hayley then asks how she can get the attention of someone higher up on the food chain. She mentions despite being in higher level classes, no one talks to her Yasmin recommends a makeover. That night Yasmin invites Amaya and the two go through Hayley's closet and then do a little shopping. Yasmin tells her she can keep her interesting and different style while still looking good.

Season 7

7.07 Grim Goodbyes Hayley attends Trevor's funeral to support friend Amaya

Imogen everything youve done wrong

7.10 Just The Way I'm Not Hayley is at school when Aiden notices she has changed her style. Aiden asks her if everything is okay. Hayley assures him she is fine, just decided to change things up a bit, Aiden asks her if she needs help with homework or anything and Hayley tells him she is okay. After class she meets Yasmin at Kelly's to continue to go over algebra. Yasmin asks how things are going with Aiden and Hayley tells her that he talked to her today, but it felt somewhat forced because he is still technically her mentor. After working for a while Yasmin heads out but Hayley stays to continue doing homework. Aiden shows up and sees her alone and sits down. The pair talk for a bit before Aiden asks her to meet him there again after class. Hayley agrees.

7.13 We Stitch These Wounds Hayley continues to hang out with Aiden but does feel like her friendship may be a replacement for Gabbi who recently broke up with him. She tells Yasmin about it who tells her that he and Gabbi were together for a while, just be his friend. Hayley meets Aiden at Kelly's and she notices he is acting weird, she asks him if he is okay but Aiden just tells her he is tired.

7.15 From Heads Unworthy Aiden asks Hayley if she wants to go to Kelly's and study after school and mentions he could use help with chemistry homework. Hayley agrees. After class the pair head out, Aiden notices several people dressed in gang colors following the pair and a few coming over from across the street so he yells at Hayley to run. Hayley runs to Kelly's but notices a few are following her. Outside Kelly's one grabs her and throws her up against a wall. Hayley screams for help. After the man gets a few good hits in, Mike comes out and scares him away with his shotgun causing him to flee. Mike then takes Hayley inside and locks the doors before calling the police.

7.16 Only God Can Judge Me Hayley is at the hospital, getting her lip stitched up when her parents arrive. Spinelli is furious that this happened and asks for details but Dante comes before she can tell him anything. Hayley is questioned by Dante and shown mugshots where she is able to pick out her attackers and a few she saw around Aiden. She is then told by Patrick that Aiden is awake. She goes to visit him and asks him how he's doing, Aiden tells her that he is okay, but worried about Gabbi since she got abducted by the guys. Hayley nods knowing she truly was a replacement for Gabbi. She tells Aiden she is happy he is okay before leaving.

Season 8

8.02 Audience of One Hayley goes out and tries to get her mind off of everything and sees Gabbi out with Aiden. Hayley grabs her coffee and is about to leave when she sees Yasmin and Amaya. Yasmin asks her what's going on and Hayley gestures to Gabbi and Aiden. Yasmin and Amaya then take her shopping, attempting to cheer her up, but when it doesn't, Yasmin asks what she usually does to cheer herself up and Hayley tells her video games. The three then go back to Hayley's place and play. Amaya is less than impressed but Yasmin actually has fun with Hayley

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Hayley is thankful for Yasmin's friendship.

8.13 Points of Authority Out with Yasmin and Amaya, they once again see Aiden with Gabbi and this time babysitting Miranda's daughter. Yasmin takes Hayley to game stop to grab a new video game before going back to her place and playing. Hayley thanks Yasmin for being a good friend and treating her normal.

8.16 That's What You Get Hayley gets a call from Amaya who tells her that Yasmin's brother died and they are holding a small service for him. Hayley agrees to go to support Yasmin, despite knowing her dad likely helped track him down for Michael to kill.

Season 9

9.04 Goodbye (I'm Sorry) After Grace Baker's funeral is over and the attendants leave, Hayley visits her grave and sits there for a little bit. Savannah comes over and asks her if she new Grace. Hayley explains that she didn't, she just heard what happened and thinks it sad. No one should have to go through that and that she thought she would come to show that even strangers care and would accept her. She then apologizes to Savannah for intruding and leaves.

9.07 Don't Tell Me Hayley is seen talking to Yasmin at lunch.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Hayley attends the concert in honor of Grace and listens to Tim's speech with tears in her eyes. She stays towards the back to not be noticed, but Savannah does see her.

9.09 How Does It Feel Hayley tries to make plans to hang out with

Hayley is done with Yasmin

Yasmin but Yasmin tells her she isn't feeling well. After school, Hayley goes out for a walk in town and sees Yasmin hanging out with Kaylee and crew. The next day Hayley asks Yasmin how she is feeling and Yasmin tells her she is feeling better, Hayley then asks about catching a movie later, the new Marvel one is out. Yasmin tells her she has too much homework, maybe another time. Once again, Hayley sees Yasmin hanging out with Kaylee and her crew. The next day Hayley confronts Yasmin and why she is lying. Yasmin doesn't have an answer and Hayley tells her if she didn't want to be her friend anymore, she would have respected her more if she was honest.

9.11 Things Will Never Be The Same Hayley witnesses Yasmin shove Ali Morgan down in a fight Kaylee goaded her into. The next day when she runs into Yasmin and Yasmin tries talking to her, Hayley tells her she saw what happened and has no idea who she even is anymore. Kaylee is a terrible influence for her. Yasmin accuses her of being jealous, but Hayley assures her she is the last person should would ever be jealous of.

9.12 You're The Reason Amaya and Yasmin ask if she created the Facebook page bullying Kaylee. Hayley tells them if she wanted to get back at Kaylee, she would hack her computer and put a trojan virus on it, not make a mean Facebook page under a porn stars name.

9.15 Ready To Fall Hayley once again goes to see Grace's grave. Savannah is there and confronts Hayley on why she is showing up at all these places, she saw her at the benefit concert also. If she didn't know Grace, why is she showing up. Hayley tells her she thinks she's gay. Savannah is confused but takes Hayley to get coffee to discuss it and Hayley tells her that she never had interest in boys, she tried the previous year of getting one's attention but she thinks she did it more to prove she was straight. She finds herself more attracted to girls and thinks she may have had feelings for her ex-best friend who recently ditched her. Savannah tells her she just has to be honest with herself and not use labels yet. She is young and has plenty of time to find out who she really is.

Season 10


Hayley visits Yasmin.

10.02 Memories of a Broken Heart Hayley hears about what happened and visits Yasmin at the hospital. Yasmin is shocked to see her and Hayley explains she heard what happened and that Amaya and Kaylee didn't make it and wanted to know how she was doing. Yasmin tells her she is going to be okay and Hayley leaves.

10.03 We Fall Apart Hayley attends Amaya's funeral. She keeps her distance from Yasmin.

10.06 The Crow and the Butterfly Hayley is home with her parents when Gabbi and Aiden stop by begging for their help. She and her father agree to listen and hear about what happened to Miranda. Hayley attempts to trace the IP address of the poster but they have software to make it bounce around Eastern Europe. Hayley tells them the best she can do is analyze the background of the photo and try to find the location of where it was taken. She is able to do that and tells them it's Jersey City. She then tells them if they need help again, just let her know.

10.10 Open Your Eyes Gabbi and Aiden return with a new photo of Miranda and Hayley traces it to Baltimore, Maryland.

Imogen what it's like 2

Hayley is surprised to see Yasmin.

10.12 Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend Yasmin shows up at Hayley's house in tears. Hayley helps her inside and Yasmin tells her everything that happened, including Kaylee making Amaya get out and let Brandi drive, to Brandi lighting a joint and cutting someone off in traffic to the car being rammed off the road. Hayley listens and Yasmin apologizes to her for everything that happened and how sorry she is that she let being in the popular crowd cloud her judgment when a true friend was right in front of her. Hayley tells her she needs some time to think about everything. The next day at school, Hayley walks up to Yasmin and asks her if she will ditch her again, Yasmin tells Hayley she learned her lesson and Hayley tells her they can be friends again.

10.13 Hard To Find Hayley goes to Yasmin's place after school, only to see Andy Biersack in her living room talking to her parents. Kendall explains he came with Madi to talk to Spike. Hayley then gets a text from Gabbi and excuses herself. She meets Gabbi and Aiden at her place and traces the new photo's location to Nashville, Tennessee.

10.15 Imperfections Hayley traces the newest photo of Miranda for Gabbi again and is able to trace it to Austin, Texas.

10.19 Caught Like A Fly Hayley goes to Brandi's sentencing with Yasmin.

Season 11

11.02 Light Me Up Hayley is at school hanging out with Yasmin when Kate Chandler comes up to them and asks if she can hang out. The girls agree and Kate explains that since the accident and Brandi's sentencing that Courtney won't speak to her. She thinks she may still be grieving Vanessa, who while isn't technically dead yet, there is no hope she will wake up. Kate then apologizes to Yasmin about what Brandi did. Yasmin tells her that she doesn't blame her for what her sister did.

11.04 You Make Me Sick Hayley is at Yasmin's house with her and Kate when they get a phone notification and see it is a new story on Raw. Real. Yasmin and Kate are shocked to see it's a bland story that they do drugs.

Imogen unbelievable 2

Kate and Hayley check the new story.

11.09 Wish You Never Met Me Hayley is with Kate and Yasmin at Kelly's when they get another phone notification. The three check their phones and see it is a new Raw. Real. story. This one claiming that Kate is bulimic and Yasmin had an abortion. The pair are shocked, Kate adamant that she is not bulimic and Yasmin saying she and Liam never even had sex. Hayley later logs onto Facebook that night and sees people writing mean comments on Kate and Yasmin's pages.

11.12 Revenge & It's Thrills When out with Yasmin and Kate at the Port Charles Park, they see Ali talking to Trinity and Taylor. Yasmin confronts Ali accusing her of putting out the stories on Raw. Real. about her and Kate. Ali tells them it's not her and she has no idea on how to even run an anonymous site. Yasmin accuses her of having Damian Spinelli do it but Hayley tells her that her father wouldn't do that and they even already tried tracking the site. Ali tells Yasmin that she's sorry this is happening to her but she isn't doing it.

11.13 Let's Cheers To This Yasmin calls Hayley and she goes to her place for a movie night to help her feel better about the comments. Yasmin later gets a frantic call from Kate saying there is a new story online but its true and about a time she got drunk at a party in Pine Valley thanks to Brandi and stripped on the coffee table. Hayley offers to try and trace the site again, maybe using different equipment, but it is unlikely she can trace the site. She can poke around on some forums on the Deep Web and see if anyone else can try and track it.


Hayley learns Sera will be returning

11.15 When I Come Around Hayley gets ready for the day and goes downstairs where Ellie and Damian tell her to sit down. Hayley sits down and is told that her sister Sera is returning from boarding school in Melbourne and will be spending her last few year in Port Charles. They are hoping that Hayley can show her around school and help her make friends. Hayley knows none of that is needed, Sera will be able to make friends easily and by the second week, she will be new queen bee. Hayley goes out to Kelly's, not wanting to trouble Yasmin with her problems. While sitting there, Aiden comes up and sits down across from her. Aiden tells her it's been a while since they have hung out, Hayley comments that it's fine, he got back together with Gabbi and she has been hanging out with Yasmin. Aiden tells her that he can tell something is wrong. Hayley then tells him about Sera and how she is the perfect sister who has the popularity and makes everyone love her while Hayley is the nerd who has issues even making friends. Sera is going to arrive and she will fall into relative obscurity. Aiden tells her that isn't going to happen but Hayley tells him that if Sera is still the way she was when she left Freshman year, then it will be true.

Season 12


Hayley returns to school.

12.04 Life Goes On Hayley goes back to school and ditches Sera as soon as possible and meets up with Yasmin and Kate. Kate is happy that despite the video from Raw. Real being posted, no one seems to be paying attention to her. Later in the day, Yasmin and Kate see Sera and ask Hayley what is going on. Hayley explains Sera is her twin sister and just came home from boarding school in Melbourne. The two are shocked Hayley never said anything and Hayley explains that Sera is everything she isn't, including popular and sociable. She didn't want to bother them with her problems while they were dealing with the stupid gossip site. Yasmin tells Hayley that she can always talk to her if she needs anything, despite what is going on.

12.06 The Young and Hopeless Sera is shining at PC High with Courtney Hunter as her second, somewhat becoming the new Queen Bee. She and Bryan Manning become a thing also and both her parents adore him, especially after he sends her flowers. When Yasmin is busy doing homework, Hayley goes to talk to Kate about it. Hayley talks to her about how Sera has always been the golden child because she is what her parents weren't and sometimes wanted to be. She now has the perfect boyfriend who sends her flowers. Kate tries to talk to Hayley about how it doesn't matter, her parents definitely love her too. Just because she appears to have the perfect life and perfect boyfriend doesn't make her better and whatever boy Hayley brings home, her parents will like as long as he treats her right. Hayley then starts crying leaving Kate confused and Hayley confides in her that she is gay. 12.08 In Silent Seas We Drown Kate has been avoiding Hayley confusing Yasmin. Hayley assumes it may be because she is homophobic, having made an excuse to leave when Hayley came out. Hayley doesn't tell Yasmin this, but keeps it to herself. Sera continues to be the golden child at home with both their parent adoring her. Kate meets up with Hayley later at her place when both her parents are at work and Sera is out with Bryan. Kate asks if she can come in and Hayley lets her come inside. The two sit down and Kate apologizes for how she reacted. Hayley tells her it's okay, she is only the second person she told and it can be quite the shock. Kate asks who else knows, assuming it is Yasmin but Hayley tells her it was Savannah Wilde who found out because she visited Grace Baker's grave a few times despite not knowing. Kate then tells her the reason she has been distant is because she thinks she may be bisexual.

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12.11 The Carpal Tunnel of Love Kate and Hayley resume their friendship and continue to hang out with Yasmin at school. Yasmin goes home straight after to study for the SAT and the pair go to get coffee at Kelly's. Kate asks her how she knew she was gay and not Bi. Hayley explains that she always had a crush on Hilary Duff instead of Aaron Carter. She just noticed girls more. She tried to force romantic feelings for a boy before but they ended up just being good friends. Kate tells her she has no idea what she even is, she just knows she is attracted to girls. Hayley tells her that when she talked to Savannah about this, Savannah said not to label yourself yet if you're not sure. Just be you and find out what you like and don't like. Life is confusing enough.

12.15 And The Snakes Start To Sing Yasmin continues to study for the SAT's leaving just Kate and Hayley hanging out. The pair go to the park after school and talk about what's going on. Kate mentions Brandi wants her to go see her but she doesn't want to see her sister locked up. Hayley tells her that it may be hard, but her sister at least loves her and wants to see her. The whole time Sera spent in Australia she never contacted Hayley other than the occasional Facebook post and Christmas card. The pair continues to talk before heading home and they end up watching a movie at Hayley's place while everyone else is gone. The pair makes fun of the special effects in the horror flick and laugh most it. Towards the end, Kate's eyes meet Hayley's, causing her to lean in and kiss her. Hayley is shocked at first but kisses her back, Kate then breaks away, apologizes and leaves. A confused Hayley calls Yasmin and heads over to her place and tells her what happened, fully coming out to Yasmin. Yasmin is shocked at first but accepts her, telling her that her opinion doesn't change at all.


Hayley and Kate kiss.

12.16 Same Book But Never The Same Page Kate is avoiding Hayley at school and only talking to Yasmin. Hayley fears she doesn't like her anymore and may out her. Sera even notices Hayley's mood and asks her what's wrong. Hayley tells her she is just having some problems sleepings and nothing to be worried about. Yasmin later calls her and tells her she needs to come over now and won't specify why other than she needs to get their ASAP. Hayley rushes over to Yasmin's place where Yasmin leads her to her room before locking her in. Hayley is confused and tells her to let her out. Yasmin tells her not until she and Kate work out their problems. Hayley turns and sees Kate in Yasmin's old desk chair who tells her this wasn't her idea. Hayley sits down against the door and tells her that it's okay that she kissed her and then took off. She doesn't blame her for being confused. Kate gets up and sits next to Hayley before telling her that she freaked out and that it is definitely not okay. She is confused on who she is but the one thing she knows is that she has feelings for her and wants to explore that. Kate kisses her again but doesn't pull away this time. The pair agrees to try a relationship.

12.18 The Sky Under The Sea Yasmin asks if she is going to be a third wheel now when she walks up to Hayley and Kate at school. Hayley tells her no since neither of them are out yet and may not be out for a while. Hayley still worries of what her parents will say, despite neither of them ever being homophobic. Kate tells her that she knows Brandi would support her, but her father has always been pretty conservative. After school the pair go to the movies and grab dinner before heading home. Sera asks Hayley where she was and Hayley tells her she was out with a friend. Sera asks if it was a boy but Hayley tells her no, it wasn't. Sera says that she may need to find her one soon.


12.20 Politics of Love Most of Port Charles High is planning on going to the Young and Reckless concert. Hayley plans on skipping it and spending some time with both Yasmin and Kate while Sera plans on going. After grabbing coffee and doing homework, Hayley heads home. She is relaxing in her living room when she gets a phone notification. When she checks it is a link to Raw. Real. Hayley clicks on it and her heart nearly stops when she sees it's a story outing both her and Kate.

Season 13

13.01 Bed of Thorns Hayley is at Yasmin's place hiding out. Yasmin asks her if she is sure she doesn't want to talk to her family because her phone won't stop ringing. Hayley turns her phone off and tells Yasmin that she doesn't want to deal with that right now. Yasmin asks if she thinks her parents will be mad, because she has met them and they are really nice and don't seem homophobic. Hayley tells them that she doesn't think they would judge, she just wasn't ready to come out yet, she didn't plan on it coming out like this. She wanted to wait until she was ready and able to craft something to say and figure it out, not have a picture of her kissing her girlfriend end up on a stupid gossip site. Hayley then starts crying and Yasmin does her best to calm Hayley.


Hayley returns home.

13.02 Glory and Gore Hayley finally returns home to find her parents and Sera worried sick about her. When she walks into the room, the three rush and hug her asking her where she was and letting her know they were worried. Hayley doesn't say anything and Ellie has her sit down on the sofa with them. She tells her that nothing changes. Hayley starts crying again and Sera tries to tell her that everything is okay. Ellie then tells her that whether she is gay, bi or confused, nothing changes and they still love her. Hayley stays quiet for a moment before saying she's gay. She's known for a while and hasn't told anyone. She wasn't ready to come out and when she did, she wanted to do it in a better way. Prepare a speech or something. She knew Ellie would accept her because she is a biologist and homosexuality is found in different species, Damian has never been judgemental, she just wanted to do it on her own terms. Her parents tell her that nothing changes with how they care about her. Ellie then lightens the mood and asking if she wants to get take out.

13.04 Fake It Hayley returns to school but Kate isn't there. Hayley worries her dad freaked out and she is in trouble. Yasmin volunteers to talk to her for Hayley. That night Hayley goes over to Yasmin's house and Yasmin calls Kate. Kate answers and Yasmin asks her how she is doing. Kate tells her she is fine and will be back in school soon. Yasmin asks about her dad and Kate quickly changes the subject, saying she made a mistake. Hayley was a mistake and she isn't bisexual. She then hangs up. Yasmin tries to calm Hayley down as she starts crying when the call ended. Hayley then vows to find the person who posted the story and is behind Raw. Real. once and for all.

Degrassi 1324 01hr

Kate tells Hayley to go away

13.05 For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic Hayley sees Kate in school and tries talking to her. Kate tells her to go away and leave her alone. Kate tries to avoid Hayley in class and in the halls. Hayley finally corners her between classes, trying to get her to talk to her. Kate can see people looking and tells Hayley to leave her alone. Hayley tells her she just wants to talk and Kate tells her that they will never talk again, especially since she took advantage of her and tried to force her sexuality on her. Hayley is confused at what Kate is saying, and asks her where this came from. Kate tells Hayley to stay away from her before walking off. Hayley looks around and sees people staring and rushes out of the school. Sera follows her and finds her at the Port Charles Park crying. Sera doesn't know what to say but sits next to her and lets her know she is there. Hayley finally tells her that she was hoping Kate would be the silver lining in her life as everything was crashing down around her and now that is crashing too. Sera asks Hayley how her life is crashing down, she has great friends and gets amazing grades and is incredibly smart. Hayley tells her that she is weird and that's all people see her as. She then tells Sera that she is the glamorous one who everyone loves and has a perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. She is everything that she isn't and their parents adore how different she is. Sera asks if she is kidding and Hayley looks at her confused. Sera than tells her that she can actually have a conversation with their parents and know what they are saying, school comes to her easily and is way smarter then she is. If anyone is jealous of the other, it should be her. Hayley is shocked to learn this and asks if Sera really feels that way. Sera tells her it's true and one of the reasons she went to Melbourne, she felt like she didn't belong at home because she didn't understand anything to do with computers like their dad talks about or biology like their mom talks about and Hayley always understood, she felt like a stranger in her own home. Hayley then laughs about they spent all this time being jealous of each other. Sera then tells her that she isn't leaving again and she will be there for her.

13.07 You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder Hayley returns to school the next day and avoids Kate while sticking with Yasmin when possible. Sera invites her to sit with her, Bryan and Courtney at lunch. Hayley does but feels out of place with Courtney's bubbly attitude and Bryan's devotion to Sera. When Hayley gets home, she goes to her computer and starts working. Sera comes into her room and asks her how she is doing after seeing Kate and everyone at school. Hayley doesn't look up and tells her she is trying to figure out who runs Raw. Real. Sera asks how and Hayley tells her she is going to attempt another back hack. She explains that Gabbi Montgomery and Aiden Cassadine had asked her and their dad to attempt to earlier. He couldn't find anything other than the fact they use a software to make the signal from a post bounce all over Eastern Europe and hopes this time she can get something. Sera asks what happened that they tried to figure it out and Hayley explains that Miranda Montgomery had gone missing and someone was posting candid photos of her on Raw. Real. They couldn't find out the IP address of the post, but she was able to find the location based on the background of the photos. Hayley continues to attempt to find an IP address but is unable to.

13.08 In a Place of Solace At school, Kate has started hanging out with Courtney causing Sera and Bryan to stick with Hayley and Yasmin. Hayley tells Sera she doesn't need to, Sera tells her they are sisters and Kate was a bitch and not only betrayed her, made her out to be some crazy obsessive stalker. If Courtney wants to hang out with her, she isn't going to continue hanging out with Courtney.

Imogen 13 b has feelings for Becky

Hayley sees her locker.

13.11 Diamonds Aren't Forever Before school, Hayley goes to her locker to get her books. When she arrives, she sees the word "Dyke" spray painted on her locker. Hayley is shocked and looks around to see Courtney and Kate laughing. Sera walks up and sees what happened before grabbing Hayley and trying to walks away from the lockers. Later in the day, Hayley is asked by the principal if she knows who would have written that on her locker. Hayley, knowing it was either Kate or Courtney lies and tells him she doesn't know. At home, she is confronted by Sera for not telling him the truth that Kate and Courtney are the ones who spray painted the slur on her locker. Hayley tells her that it won't end if she does. If she wants this circus of what Kate is doing to her to end, then she needs to let it and ignore her. When the pair realize that Hayley isn't doing anything in response, they will find something else better to do.

13.12 Thank You For the Venom Hayley is seen glued to her computer trying to find a way to hack Raw. Real. and find out who outed her. Sera asks her why she is so glued to her laptop and Hayley tells her that instead of dealing with Kate and Courtney, she will find who outed her. She explains to Sera that whoever runs the site has illegally hacked the PCPD and released information on the car crash Kate's sister Brandi caused that killed Kaylee Morasco and Amaya Martin, putting Vanessa Vega in a coma and putting Yasmin in her wheelchair. If she can figure out who runs the site and outed her and do so legally, she can turn them in for hacking the PCPD. Sera is impressed and asks if she can help. Hayley tells her she can't think of anything, but if she does, she will let her know.

13.13 Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears While continuing to monitor the site for a way to trace the posts, Sera comes home from school upset. Hayley asks what happened and Sera explains that Bryan broke up with her because he didn't want a long distant relationship. Hayley doesn't know what to do to make her feel better. She asks her if she wants her to install a virus on his computer, one that messes with his search history to embarrassing medical problems or delete important files or even hold it ransom for Bitcoin. Sera turns her down but thanks her for thinking of her.

Imogen dig me out 3

13.14 The Edge of Tonight While searching Raw. Real. a story about Cassidy Quartermaine is published about her drinking in Germany. Hayley notices that for two seconds after the post is live, the original IP address is visible. Hayley meets up with Yasmin and Sera at school and tells them what she has found out. Yasmin is shocked and Hayley explains that all she needs to do now is develop a program that can trace the IP in that two-second window. Yasmin asks if that is long enough and Hayley tells her it is and she will find out who did this.

13.15 We Were Doomed From The Start Hayley works hard on developing the program, which includes staying up all night and skipping class the next day. Sera tells her she needs to relax and gets Hayley to take a break and a nap. Sera tells her she understands that she is upset and wants to find out who runs the site but she needs to take care of herself. Sleep deprivation makes Hayley go off on her about how she will never understand what it's like to be outed online like that and will never know what it is like. Hayley then goes back to developing the program and finally gets it ready.

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One of the photos of Sera sent in.

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle Yasmin is over at the Spinelli house with Sera and Hayley staring at Hayley's computer waiting for a new story to be posted. It is taking forever and a new story hasn't been posted in forever. Sera recommends sending in a fake story to get the site to post. Yasmin says it's a good idea but submitting a story means it has to be juicy. Sera tells them that she has a story that will definitely get posted. She then explains that while she was in Melbourne, the host family she was staying with went to Sydney a lot on vacation where she met and had a weeklong romance with a notable celebrity. Yasmin and Hayley are shocked and Sera goes to her room and brings back a flash drive and plugs it into Hayley's computer before finding a file and opening the pictures. Sera explains that famous British Boyband One Way was in town because they were looking at a possible opening act. She then shows pictures of her and him. Hayley and Yasmin are shocked but Sera shows the pictures to prove it. Hayley gives Sera her laptop and Sera quickly types up a story and submits it to the site with a few pictures

13.18 Tangled In The Great Escape Hayley, Sera and Yasmin skip Gabe McBain's end of the year party waiting for Hayley's program to get a hit on the IP address and identity. Yasmin asks Sera about her romance with Ron Payne. Sera explains it was mostly just fun for the week he was in town, they stayed in touch but only talk every once in a while. The three continue to wait in Hayley's room for her program to get a hit. After a while, it finally does. The three rush to her computer and Hayley get's an IP address from Port Charles. She then hacks the webcam and the three are shocked to see Courtney Hunter.


  • Second closeted character to enter the series
  • First character to be outed by someone other than themselves
  • Third set of twins to enter the series, second one to be identical girls, and first to be portrayed by the same actress.


"If You didn't want to hang out or be my friend anymore, you should have just told me. I would have respected your honesty." (Hayley to Yasmin is season 9)

"If I wanted to get back at Kaylee, I would install a trojan virus on her computer and hold it ransom for bitcoin, not create a mean Facebook page under a porn star's name."

"two seconds is plenty of time, think of it as two thousand milliseconds."



Kate Chandler

  • Start-Up: 12.16 Same Book But Never The Same Page
  • Break up: 13.05 For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
    • Reason: Kate denying everything after being outed