Ciara Giambetti is an incoming Freshman in season 9 but was first seen in season 8 as Zack's younger sister in crisis which caused him to rush home from Whistler to meet her and she told him she thought she was pregnant. Ciara is new to the series but is shown to have a skater meets emo scene style with black hair and black nails but loves video games, a habit she picked up from her brother Zack, her favorites include Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Mario and Sonic. Ciara is shown to be a little timid and nervous around other people she is not familiar with and high school was hard for her. She had a hard time making friends, mostly because of her unrevealed past with Josh Hunter, she only thing that is known is that the two had a sexual history due to her pregnancy scare, and not much is known about Josh. After a few days, Ciara was able to find a friend in fellow freshman, Jasey McBain. Ciara's father is Milo Giambetti, a bodyguard for Sonny Corinthos, so Ciara has been taught self-defense techniques and is a black belt in Kung Fu. Ciara's mother died when she was four, so she has grown up in a single father household, but her uncle Max Giambetti and his wife, Diane Miller have been a lot of help and Ciara. Diane has been a great mother figure for her. Her dad works with Sonny Corinthos so she does know and has come in contact with Briana Corinthos, Leah Corinthos, Trinity Corinthos, Madi Morgan, Ali Morgan, Elena Zacchara, Sydney Zacchara, and Christian Zacchara.

Early Life

Ciara was born in Port Charles, New York and it is believed her mom died in childbirth, leaving just her, her dad and brother Zack. Zack always watched out for Ciara, playing the role of the protective older brother. Growing up, she knew both the Corinthos and Morgan families but due to their parents business relationship, she never hung out with the Corinthos or Morgan girls.

In The Series

Season 8


Christina Grimmie makes her first appearance as Ciara Giambetti

8.17 Let It Die Zack returns home from Canada after getting a call from Ciara saying she needed him home. Zack arrives and asks what is going on, and Ciara confesses she thinks she is pregnant. Zack is shocked and asks what happened. Ciara explains that her boyfriend, Josh pressured her into sex, saying no one goes into high school a virgin, Zack tells her that is bullshit and asks where he is now and Ciara explains she tried talking to him but he bailed, saying he couldn't deal with it. Zack goes out and gets Ciara a couple tests and waits as she takes them. He assures her that no matter what happens, he is there for her. They are both relieved when the tests come back negative and Zack tells her she is too young to be having sex and says if he ever sees Josh again, he will punch him in the face. Ciara responds she has no problem with that and thanks Zack for being there.

Season 9


Ciara gets ready for her first day of school

9.05 Prepare Your Weapon Ciara nervously gets ready for her first day of school. Zack tells her they have to go if they want to make it on time so Ciara leaves with him. She worries about running into Josh and Zack tells her not to worry about him and just try to have fun. Ciara goes through her first day looking for him but he doesn't acknowledge her until they are alone in the hallway. When that happens, he asks her about the test and when Ciara tells him it was negative, he is visibly happy and leaves her there. Ciara returns home upset but doesn't tell Zack what happened.

9.07 Don't Tell Me Ciara has a hard time fitting in, Josh being friends with most of the cool kids and ignoring her. She meets Jasey McBain when she sits next to her in math. The pair talk and hang out later in the day at lunch and meets Jordan Wentworth as well.

9.08 Make It Stop (Let This End) Ciara wakes up to find Zack passed out in front of his laptop at the kitchen table. She wakes him up and tells him it's time for school and Zack rushes to get ready. Later at home, she sees him working on homework, but writing his English essay in Italian. She asks him if he is okay and points out the problem and Zack tells her he is just stressed with school and recording and should be okay.

9.10 On My Own Ciara witnesses Josh pursue Jasey and assumes it's just to spite her. She doesn't tell Jasey what he did but avoids Josh at all costs.

9.12 You're The Reason Zack returns home from the studio and Ciara asks him how his day was and Zack informs her that the band is no longer signed or making music before disappearing to his room.

9.16 Found A Way When Josh doesn't stop pursuing Jasey, Ciara tells her what happened to her over the summer and how Josh pressured her and then didn't want to take responsibility for his actions. Jasey tells her that what he did was awful, and not to worry since she isn't interested in him.

Season 10


10.07 Let Love Bleed Red Ciara meets Jasey at school who asks her how her hair grew so long since the last time she saw her. Ciara explains she is trying out extensions. Jordan meets up with two in the hallway and starts a conversation on their history assignment. Before either can respond, a mass text goes out and Jasey, Jordan and Ciara check their phones. Ciara sees the story and nearly stops breathing. There is a story on Raw. Real about Ciara's pregnancy scare. Jasey and Jordan see her reaction and help steer her into a classroom not being used. Ciara is in a full on panic attack and doesn't hear Jasey answer her phone and tell Zack where they are. Zack arrives in the room and tells Ciara they are going home. Zack then thanks Jordan and Jasey. Upon returning home, Zack asks who all Ciara told. Ciara tells him the only people she told her him, Josh and Jasey. Zack asks about Jasey and Ciara tells him that Jasey wouldn't tell anyone. She isn't a gossip and is her friend. She then tells Zack that she is worried of what will happen if Milo finds out. Zack assures her that their dad is not tech savvy and unless one of the Corinthos or Morgan girls tells him, he won't find out and they are not going to tell him. And if he somehow finds out, he will be there for her.

10.09 My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Ciara returns to school and sticks with Jasey. Meghan Spencer approaches the pair and Jasey tells her that if she says anything, she will break her nose. Meghan plays innocent, asking what she is talking about, she was just going to ask how Ciara is doing after the whole school found out what a whore she is. As Meghan turns to leave, Jasey trips her causing her to fall. Jasey says "oops" and the two head to class. Ciara tries to avoid people but checks her phone and sees there's a new story about Trinity Corinthos. Ciara is relieved as everyone seems to be focusing on her. Towards the end of the day, she is in the hallway with Jasey when Josh approaches them. He is furious and asks Ciara who she told. Jasey tells him to back off but Josh is furious and asking her who she told and if she told the story to get attention. Ciara has no idea what to say. Rory and Ember turn into that part of the hallway and see them. As Josh grabs Ciara's wrist, Rory tells him he needs to back off. Josh calls Ciara an attention whore before leaving. Rory and Ember ask if she is okay and Ciara says she just wants to go home.

10.14 Cast The First Stone Ciara is with Jasey when they get a text about the new story on Raw. Real. Jasey clicks the link and is shocked to see a story about Jordan. Ciara is shocked too. Jasey tells her she will meet her at lunch and looks for Jordan. At lunch, Ciara sits with Jasey and Jordan and discuss music.

10.16 Days Are Numbered Ciara is relieved no one seems to remember the Raw. Real post about her but are now bothering Jordan. She feels bad for him but doesn't say anything.

10.20 No News Is Good News Ciara sits with Jasey and Jordan at lunch and rolls her eyes when Gabe makes another cutter joke to Jordan and asks him how long it took him to come up with. She isn't concerned when Jasey leaves and when Jordan asks, she says that Jasey has been off for a few days but she figured it was her time of the month.

Season 11

11.01 To Live and To Lose Ciara is in the hallway when

Jasey runs into her. She can tell she is visibly upset and asks if she is okay. Jasey tells her she isn't feeling well so she is going home. Ciara tells her they still have two more classes. Jordan catches up with the pair and tells Ciara that he will walk Jasey home. The pair then leaves, leaving Ciara very confused.

11.02 Light Me Up on the last day of school, Ciara talks to Jordan and Jasey about their summer plans. Ciara tells them she is happy that Zack will be coming back to town for a while before tour after they finish the album. Jasey asks about the band and Ciara tells them they are actually pretty good and is happy Zack gets to play guitar for a living right now. Ciara then departs from the group going to her next class. She later hers some other people in her class talk about how Jordan punched Gabe.

11.04 You Make Me Sick Ciara gets a text from Jasey's mom on Jasey's phone saying she is grounded and can't go to the movies with her.


Ciara goes to Zack's album drop party.

11.10 Stand Amid The Roar Ciara is getting ready to head into NYC for Zack's album release party when she gets a text from Jasey asking her to meet her at the park. Ciara tells her she is unable to make it but Jordan can go. Ciara then catches an Uber and heads to the venue of the party. Ciara arrives a few hours later when the party has started. She meets up with Zack and congratulates him along with the rest of the band. She apologizes to him that their dad couldn't make it but Zack tells her it's fine, he talked to him and Milo talked about how proud he was of him. Ciara sticks with Zack and Mason for most of the party and ends up getting to know to Mason better and learns he also appreciates All Time Low's underrated first album and that he too is a fan of Blink 182 while Zack claims they are "overrated."

11.13 Let's Cheers To This Ciara goes to meet Jasey for coffee at Kelly's and talks to her about what Natalie has been doing, including taking away certain CD's and how she and her father don't approve of how she dresses and what she listens to. As the two walk to their table, Ciara trips over someone's chair legs and spills her coffee on Jasey. Ciara apologizes profusely and grabs napkins to help clean her up. When Jasey removes a few of her bracelets and wipes her arm clean, Ciara sees scars on her arm. Ciara grabs her arm asks what they are. Jasey tells her it's nothing but Ciara is adamant it is something, Jasey tells her she was attacked by a bush. Ciara is still confused and Jasey tells her she has to go before rushing out of there. Ciara finishes cleaning the coffee she spilled and rushes home to find Zack and Mason playing video games. Zack can immediately tell something is wrong and asks her if she is okay.


Ciara talks to Zack.

Ciara tells him she needs to talk to him. Mason then excuses himself and heads home. Ciara asks Zack when it means when someone cuts themselves. Zack takes a deep breath and has Ciara sit down with him on the sofa and tells her what he remembers learning in school. Sometimes people are in a lot of emotional pain so they cause themselves physical pain, sometimes it's the only pain or the only thing they can control. It is a very complex issue and everyone is different but a lot of times it has to do with mental health. He then asks Ciara why she is asking and Ciara tells him she saw someone with scars on their arms and was wondering what it meant, not telling him it was Jasey

11.16 Space Enough To Grow Zack gives Ciara a couple CD's signed by the band and tells him to give it to her friends to help get the word out. Ciara then takes one and heads to Jasey's house. When Jasey answers the door, Ciara asks if they can talk. Jasey lets her in and tells her that her parents are at work and Liam is with his girlfriend, Ali. The two sit down in the living room and Ciara apologizes for how she reacted, she was in shock and later asked Zack who somewhat explained why some people do it. She doesn't want Jasey to think she was disgusted by it or something like that. Jasey tells her it's okay and not to worry about it. Ciara tells her that she doesn't want Jasey to think she doesn't want to be her friend, because she does and is really happy she met Jasey. Ciara then asks who all knows and Jasey tells her that Jordan found out on his own and explains her first memories were always sad and that she suffers from Major Depressive Disorder and from ages 11 to 14, she was in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Ciara tells her she won't tell anyone as long as she isn't doing it. Jasey explains she is doing better and wants to get well. Ciara then grabs the CD out of her bag and gives it to Jasey to make up for some of the stuff her mom got rid of and it is also signed by the band. Jasey thanks her.

Season 12

12.03 Here's To Never Growing Up Ciara receives a text from Jasey about going to Courtney Hunter's back to school party. Ciara is hesitant about because it's not just Courtney's place, but Josh's place. She decides to go because Jasey is also attending. Jasey comes over to Ciara's and drops off an overnight bag before the pair head out to the party. When they arrive, the party is in full swing and Jasey tells her they won't run into Josh. The pair go and grab some drinks, Ciara asks Jasey if she is going to drink alcohol and Jasey tells her she can't mix alcohol with Lexapro and Welbutrin so she will stick with Pepsi. The two grab a couple unopened cans and pour them into a cup so they won't look like total losers. Not too long after that, they realize that this isn't really their scene and they are not having any fun. Courtney Hunter than makes an announcement that her best friend Sera is back from two years in Australia and they should definitely party through the night. The two head toward the exit intending to go home but are stopped by Gabe looking for Jordan. Jasey tells him Jordan is in Baltimore so he can't find him trying to get a rise out of him today. Gabe turns to leave them and Jasey notices she is getting dizzy and sleepy. Ciara recognizes it from a sexual assault PSA that somehow her drink was drugged. She quickly calls Zack to come get them. When Zack arrives, Jasey is completely passed out and he is furious Ciara went to a party, let alone drank. Ciara explains they had pepsi and didn't put the cups down, someone must have coated the inside of the cup or something. Ciara then helps Zack get Jasey to the car and asks Zack what happens when you mix Rohypnol and anti depressants. Zack asks what Jasey is on and Ciara tells him she mentioned Lexapro and Welbutrin earlier. As they drive off, Zack tells Ciara they have to get her to the ER but Ciara tells him that if they take her to the ER her parents will be called and they are hard enough on her as it is and if they find out, they will care less about the fact someone tried to roofie her, but the fact she was there in the first place and blame her. Zack explains she may need her stomach pumped or if anything, purge and sleep it off. Ciara begs him to do that at their house and Zack drives them home. Ciara helps him get Jasey inside and purge the contents of her stomach in the toilet. Once their is nothing left, the pair checks her pulse and heart rate which is normal before taking her to Ciara's room and putting her to bed. Zack then talks to Ciara about parties and Ciara tells him not to worry, they weren't even having fun before she started passing out so they won't go back to one of these.

12.04 Life Goes On Ciara returns to school with Jasey and Jordan. Jasey asks Jordan how Baltimore was and he tells them it was okay, but not of his friends wanted to hang out, he just hopes this school year is better for them.

12.07 Love Hate Fear Jasey talks with Ciara and Jordan about how Josh and Gabe seem to have a new target with Aaron Hunter.

12.10 A Hundred Sleepless Nights Ciara answers the door to see Jasey crying. She asks what happened and Jasey tells her she got into a fight with her mom and was wondering if she could crash there for the night. Zack then comes over and asks Ciara who was at the door and sees Jasey. Jasey asks if she can crash her and Zack tells her just for the night. Jasey thanks him and she and Ciara go to her room where Jasey tells her that her mom saw her scars and she is worried that her mom will send her back to the hospital. She doesn't want to go back, she feels a lot better here and things would work better if her parents just treated her normally. Ciara does her best to be there for Jasey as she cries.

12.11 The Carpal Tunnel Of Love Zack leaves for band rehearsal and Ciara tells Jasey she can stay as long as she wants since Zack won't be around. Jasey skips school to grab some stuff from her house but Ciara goes and meets up with Jordan. He asks where Jasey is and Ciara tells him she wasn't feeling well. Later in the day she is pulled from class and Detective Falconeri questions her about Jasey, saying she is missing and if she would have any idea where she would be. Ciara tells him no and later in the day, Jordan confronts her on why Jasey is missing and Ciara tells him the truth. After class, they go to Ciara's place where Jasey is. Jordan tells her that this a terrible idea and since her dad is the police commissioner, it could end worse. Jasey tells him if she goes home, then her parents will send her back to the psychiatric hospital.

12.12 The Downfall of Us All Ciara is in the living room with Jasey watching TV when Ciara notices Zack is driving up the driveway. Ciara tells Jasey to hide and the acts normal when Zack comes inside, asking how band rehersal was. Zack tells her it went okay but notices Jasey's shoes by the door and asks where she is. Ciara denies Jasey is there but Zack goes up to Ciara's room and searches it, finding Jasey in the closet. He tells them he empathizes with the situation, but he has to tell her dad where she is. Ciara tries to argue with Zack, but Zack tells her that their father works for the Corinthos Organization and is the adult in this situation despite him not being here, he could be held responsible. Zack apologizes to Jasey but tells her he is going to go talk to her dad and that see if she can stay another night, but he needs to know where she is.

12.15 And The Snakes Start To Sing After jasey's first therapy appointment she comes by Ciara's house and talks to her and Zack about it.

12.17 Idle Minds Ciara returns home to find Mason and Zack having a video game tournament before they leave for tour. She asks if she can join and Zack lets her. She later talks more to Mason about music and their love of Blink 182.

12.20 Politics of Love Zack gives Ciara a couple of tickets to the bands first show in Port Charles to kick off their tour. He then talks to her about if she will be okay here with him gone. Ciara assures him she will be fine, Michael is being nice and giving their dad fewer hours. She later calls Jasey and invites her to the concert with her. The pair arrives and go backstage where they meet up the Young and Reckless and meet Black Veil Brides. They wish Zack luck before the show and watch side stage.

Season 13

13.05 For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic

13.07 You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder

13.09 There'll Come a Day

13.11 Diamonds Aren't Forever

13.13 Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears

13.16 Stop Looking Start Seeing

13.17 Lightning In a Bottle


  • Sometimes wears hair extensions, making her hair length vary from episode to episode
  • Thinks All Time Low's first album "The Party Scene" was underrated.



Josh Hunter

  • Start Up: Pre Series
  • Break Up: Pre Series
    • Reason: Ciara thought she was pregnant